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after researching renting a car online to drive to florida next week i have decided against it. they want to charge me horrendous fees for being under 25 (i didn't know that was a crime) and for taking the vehicle to florida (the term "unlimited miles" aparently refers to missouri, kansas, iowa or nebraska only). we would be paying about $800 for the car (not including gas!). hell, i could buy a shitty car for that price, run it into the ground driving to florida and back and then dumping it into the river when i was through.

rather, i booked us a flight through Southwest Airlines to FLY to florida. the tickets along with a rental car to use when we get there (no extra mileage fees there, but still an under 25 fee, oh well) came to only $490! not bad - we also save a couple hundred on gas and don't have to worry about breaking down in Atlanta (hopefully!!). not to mention we get there in a few short hours (rather than 20 hours) and get an extra day in Disney World! i made an extra night's reservation in the Fort Wilderness campgrounds. the reservations castmember told me dolefully that i wouldn't be eligible for the "value" price for the extra night (my previous evenings were $23/night), and that i would have to pay full price for that last night. it turns out that full price is only $34 (oh my) - i think i can live with that =)

i finally found a pair of jeans today - i got them at Wet Seal. they are a properly constructed pair of size threes (none of those weird ultra-low-rise-show-your-bottom-to-the-world jeans) and ran $19. not bad. matty and i went to Panera bread and i had a tomato/basil/red onion/fresh mozzarella salad with rosemeary focaccia bread (damned tasty!) and matt had a blueberry bagel with cream cheese. we came home and called my mom - she is more than happy to take us to and from the airport (yay!). we're going to go to kachina's house tonight to hang out (probably leaving very soon).

i've started a new painting inspired by Tori Amos - she's being featured as a fairy. it's a little bigger than my usuals - about 14"x17" i think, and is monochromatic rust with black and white on a stained rust coloured background. i'll have it done by tomorrow i believe. i think it is going to look pretty cool - in a kinda different style than usual.

well i'd better get going - byebye.
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