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Queen Elizabeth and a Lion, new canvas prints, minis, etc.

Hi everyone!

I have a wonderful new ORIGINAL painting for you! One of my best, featuring Queen Elizabeth I and a lion - part of my "Royal Portraits" series - this one is simply gorgeous!! In addition I have the #01 canvas prints and SALE prints for "Golden Guardian" & "Queen of Halloween", and a link to a seller who has had to re-sell some of my original "mini" paintings.

The new painting is really beautiful! It is called "Queen Elizabeth and a Lion" - and she is simply stunning! Being a bit of a history buff, I've long been obsessed with Tudor history and art, especially portraits of Queen Elizabeth I. She always wore the best clothes, and wasn't shy to pile on the jewelry! I've honoured her with this new, original painting - showing her in all of her splendor with a magnificent lion (a historical symbol of British royalty & the power of the monarchy, etc.). You'll see many tiny details in here, including several incarnations of the "Tudor Rose" (a symbol for the family's dynasty). This painting truly will bring an air of mystery, elegance, and history to any room. And guess what - it is FRAMED! Yes, you get the FRAME too - and it is gorgeous! I don't often offer work that is already framed, or ready-to-hang, so this is quite special. Again - this is the original painting, on a masonite panel and it has been framed in an elegant 4.5" wide heavy, ornate antiqued-gold leaf toned solid wood frame. If you look closely, you will see a rather royal-looking pattern (almost like a row of tiny crowns!) that appears in the frame - particularly appropriate for the subject of this piece. Since this is a special painting, framed, highly detailed, ready-to-hang, and such - she is going up in my eBay store gallery at a fixed price where she will remain until purchased - otherwise she will be travelling with me as one of my "showpieces" to some upcoming shows & conventions if nobody snaps her up now. You can see her below - this is just a sneak peek of part of the painting, click on the link to see the whole thing!!:

Click HERE to see my new "Queen Elizabeth and a Lion" FRAMED ORIGINAL

To see any other available originals (some are accepting "best offers" even!), just visit my Original Paintings section of my store here:

Jasmine's Original Paintings

Next up - I have the new #01 Hand Embellished Canvas Prints of "Queen of Halloween" & "Golden Guardian"! Each is signed, numbered, and hand painted with embellishments on a sheet of 11x14" canvas, and is the #1 (first) of their edition. Since they are the #01 prints, to give everybody a chance, I am starting the bidding on each at just ONE PENNY with no reserve - for seven day auctions ending on the evening of Wednesday, October 3rd at 5:05PM & 5:09PM Central Time.

Click HERE for my "Queen of Halloween" Hand Embellished 11"x14" #01 Lt. Ed. CANVAS Print

Click HERE for my "Golden Guardian" Hand Embellished 11"x14" #01 Lt. Ed. CANVAS Print

Open edition SALE prints of both are now available as well! Only $10 each for the 8"x10" prints and only $20 each for the 12"x16" prints. To see all of this week's SALE Prints together, click below:

Click HERE to see all of this week's SALE PRINTS!

Or individually, click the links below:

"Queen of Halloween" 8x10 SALE $10 PRINT & "Queen of Halloween" 12x16 SALE $20 PRINT

"Golden Guardian" 8x10 SALE $10 PRINT & "Golden Guardian" 12x16 SALE $20 PRINT

And also - a collector has had to re-sell one of my mini paintings. These below are not my auctions, but I can happily vouch that these are the original paintings from the original customer, so bid with confidence:

Click HERE to see the re-listed MINI paintings -- http://search.ebay.com/_W0QQsassZconcretedaisies

Back to painting I go.....
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