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"An Owlish Friend" new painting, and "A Pumpkin Gift" print sale, and book illustration news....

Hi everyone!

I have a brand new original painting to show you, and it is a very lovely one. And she is FRAMED! Also my latest Halloween piece "A Pumpkin Gift" is on sale as well.

Also - if the links do not appear to be clickable, simply copy & paste the full link text into the URL field of your browser!

First the new painting - "An Owlish Friend" - she is absolutely lovely (some of you may have seen her at Dragon*Con!) - a magnificent owl, with his fairy/elf maiden friend. And she is FRAMED and READY-TO-HANG on your wall! She is on a masonite panel measuring 8x10" with an oval cutout - with a thick, beautiful ornate gold-leafed solid wood frame measuring 13.5"x15.5", and would be the perfect addition to any room. She is up for sale in my eBay store and you can see her here:

Click HERE to see "An Owlish Friend" ORIGINAL PAINTING

Next up are the "A Pumpkin Gift" prints, now available and on SALE!

Click HERE for "A Pumpkin Gift" 8x10 SALE PRINTS $9.99

Right now I'm working on a new painting - the first of many for a book project I'm doing the illustrations for! It will be a lot of illustrations, so the book itself probably won't be out for quite some time (not until I'm done doing the illustrations, which will take a while!), but I'll be selling the paintings & prints ahead of time (before publication), so you'll all get sneak peeks! There are short stories in the book and a couple of paintings for each one - it should be pretty great. I've never done actual illustrations for a book with stories in it, it's different than the type of thing I usually do - a lot of fun. It's interesting painting specific things rather than things out of my head. Right now I'm working on one with a girl & a fox with an Asian tea garden flair to it, it's going to be very pretty!

Back to painting I go!
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