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That painting I was working on at Dragon*Con......

Guess what? I finished the painting I started at Dragon*Con! Those of you who came to visit me, also got to watch me start & paint "live" on what was a beautiful girl and her dragon. I worked on this piece throughout the art show - I know many of you returned multiple times to check up on her progress (and have emailed, asking about her, hehe), and now she is finally finished!

"Scarlet Dragon" is the name - a very special painting since she was painted "live" on display at Dragon*Con, already viewed by tens of thousands of people at the convention, and here she is, finally finished here at home. She's quite large and brilliantly coloured - measuring 16"x20" - original acrylics on a sturdy masonite panel (easy to pop right in to any open wood or ready-made 16"x20" frame with no extra work needed!) - varnished to a glossy finish - very striking to see in person! An elf maiden with very soft, liquid-y eyes of many colours sits against a starry sky with a magnificent vivid scarlet dragon friend - she is up on eBay starting at just ONE PENNY with no reserve for a 5-Day auction (a little shorter than usual) ending the evening of Wednesday, September 12th at 7:45PM Central Time. Here's a sneak peek - click below for the full picture:

Click HERE to see "Scarlet Dragon" ORIGINAL PAINTING

My hardcover books have come in today, thank goodness. I placed the order LAST SPRING, and have had to put so many people on backorder for the hardcovers, I feel awful. So if you have a current back-order for a hardcover book, your order will be shipped asap, yay. If you're placing a new order though, expect some delays because I've pretty much sold out this shipment of hardcovers months ago >__<

On a similar note - NEVER EVER EVER EVER USE XLIBRIS TO PRINT OR PUBLISH ANYTHING. They have been one nightmare after another. I am so glad that I have new (real, actual) publishers for my book now. I never have to talk to XLibris again. The worst service I have ever encountered as a professional in my life, in any capacity.

Back to work I go....
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