Jasmine Becket-Griffith (jasminetoad) wrote,
Jasmine Becket-Griffith

Couple of pictures!

I had made four different outfits for Dragon*Con - each was a top made out of leaves, flowers, gems, & butterflies, along with layered skirts also decorated with leaves, etc.

The art show didn't allow cameras, and I didn't even think to get photos until the last day, so I just have pics of me in the last outfit. I'll probably wear the same ones at FaerieCon, and promise to get more pictures there!

Here are some pictures Matt took of me, showing off the top! And YES - those are dark contact lenses, those who know me know I really have light blue/green eyes, hehe.

And here I am wearing the skirt that matched it:

these were taken in our little hotel room, hehe, so we couldn't fit it all into one picture =P I didn't wear shoes most of the time, I don't like wearing shoes and prefer to be barefoot. Even at art shows =P

And Alex - I got my bellybutton pierced last December, hehe!

I took one more photo on the trip (lol, I know - I suck when it comes to remembering to take photos!) - at the rest area somewhere in Southern Georgia on the way back - there were beautiful mushrooms & fairy rings every where:

And then when we came back home to Florida there were mushrooms everywhere here too!!

Enough pictures, I'd better go get some more painting done! I'm finishing up the red dragon painting I started at Dragon*Con - those of you who came to my booth will know which one I mean =)
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