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Jasmine Becket-Griffith

A couple of new paintings....

Still settling down from Dragon*Con - wheee! Getting caught up on orders & emails, woohoo! ;P

The first new original painting is called "Golden Guardian" and is absolutely stunning! Some of you who came to see my gallery at Dragon*Con may be familiar with her already - it is a beautiful painting of a fairy woman and a glistening golden dragon. It is 12"x16" acrylics on a sturdy masonite panel (ready to pop into a frame - very easy) - starting at ONE PENNY - up for a 7-day auction on eBay ending on the evening of Wednesday September 12th at 5:40PM Central Time - You can see her below... here's a sneak preview closeup too...:

Click HERE to see my "Golden Guardian" ORIGINAL PAINTING

The other new painting is very very cute, and she is FRAMED & READY TO HANG - "Skull Sweetie" - a pouting little goth pixie with her collection of skulls - this is a special painting, as it is FRAMED in a stunning cast resin frame with skulls & a Celtic design - glass included - ready-to-hang (also with an easel-back too, you'd like her to sit on a table, or the desk at your office, etc.) - 7"x9" framed - acrylic on illustration board - she is going up in my eBay store gallery at a fixed price where she will remain until purchased - you are also welcome to use eBay's new "MAKE OFFER" option if the price isn't quite in your budget - I'm always happy to consider any offer you'd like to make!

Click HERE to see my "Skull Sweetie" FRAMED ORIGINAL PAINTING

Speaking of ORIGINAL paintings.... now that I'm back from Dragon*Con I am now able to put the "Best Offer" option on all of those large framed paintings that I had reserved to bring with me to the Gallery Show at the convention. So - (those that didn't sell at the show at least, hehe) - they are now all up in my eBay store - with the "Best Offer" option. Basically eBay's "Best Offer" option gives you a chance to make your own, lower, offer (just click on the "MAKE OFFER" button near the top of the auction, below the "Buy It Now" button), if the current price is a little out of your reach. Don't worry - I'm never insulted by people making cheap offers, hehe - so always please, feel free to type in your own offer for my consideration! Gotta make room for new paintings to bring to FaerieCon next month, after all ;) To see all of these other available originals, just visit my Original Paintings section of my store here:


Also - just a head's up - Sara, one of my collectors, has unfortunately had to re-list one of my pieces in her collection. It is the #01 first edition Limited Edition Hand Embellished Canvas prints of my painting "Barn Owl Princess" and she has already had it beautifully framed & matted, ready to hang, at an amazing price. This is not my auction below, but I told her I'd pass along the auction to my fans (and I can happily vouch that this is an authentic piece and a reputable seller!).

Click HERE to see her "Barn Owl Princess" FRAMED & MATTED #01 Lt.Ed Canvas print auction

Okay, back to work....
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