Jasmine Becket-Griffith (jasminetoad) wrote,
Jasmine Becket-Griffith

Good morning!

We're getting ready for another day here at Dragon*Con!

I'm having another GREAT show, getting to meet lots of people, and selling LOTS of stuff. Even more than last year! We're almost out of canvas prints at my bazaar table, and we're less than halfway through the show (which is both a bad thing and a good thing). We're also already running low (or out) of a lot of the different prints at my bazaar table (even though I originally thought I had drastically OVER estimated how many I'd need, oops). We still have lots of things with us - and of course lots of original paintings in the Art Show too, so come & see us!

I'd made different costumes for each day - each one kind of nature/fairy/nymph outfits made almost entirely out of leaves and flowers! The artificial leaves and flowers that you buy at Michael's basically. They're enhanced with little gems, fake butterflies, things like that. I also brought fancy little belly button rings that match each outfit (since they all are two-piece outfits). I'm also relying heavily on glitter, hehe.

We get so tired at night! Everybody else is out having fun and going out to dinner, parties, concerts, etc. but Matt & I get so tired. We've just been going up to the room at 9pm after we get out of the art show, and usually just getting Subway or eating granola bars. We're so boring, hehe. Maybe it's because we get up at 6am and go to the gym =P

We're staying at the Hyatt again, they've remodeled their rooms since last year so they are all modern and fancy, with big flat TVs and cool bowl sinks and stuff like that.

Oh! Another thing I've been doing at Dragon*Con is PAINTING (no, me?)! I brought a travel easel and set it up at my table and have started a new painting of a girl with a dragon ('tis DRAGON*con after all). A lot of people come by to watch me paint. I haven't gotten very far on it yet, because of course we've had lots of customers and I stop and autograph things & write receipts and stuff like that.

There are SO many people at Dragon*Con this year. It's insane. The fire marshall keeps stopping people at the door and saying that the building is "at capacity". It is literally wall to wall people in the lobby. Which definitely has trickled down to the art show as well. We actually had LINES of customers forming at our table many times yesterday, even with both me & Matt doing the check-outs, bagging & credit cards. That never happened last year, so there are definitely more people here. I think Dragon*Con needs to bump up from encompassing 3 hotels to 4 hotels or something, to help fit everybody!

I'd better go get some painting done or something, and start getting stuff ready for the show today!!! Hope to see more of you today!!!
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