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New painting auctions, Azrael, etc.

We took Azrael to the vet today, and he is A-okay! In fact, I think the vet was kind of puzzled why we brought him in, lol. He'd been sneezing for the past couple of days, so we just wanted to make sure he was all right. The vet said he didn't think Azrael even had a cold, hehe. He thought perhaps Azrael might have been sneezing because of all of the dusty boxes and packing material we've been messing around with getting stuff ready for Dragon*Con. Which is probably the case, Azrael keeps climbing into boxes, hiding under cardboard, chasing after packaging peanuts, etc. He's only sneezed a couple of times today. Just in case we got some antihistamine medicine for him - 2x a day, he hates it =P

I just worry about my kitties, especially right before I'm getting ready to leave town for a week!

As I mentioned - I simply have run out of gallery space at Dragon*Con, so I am going to put "My Venus Flytraps" up on eBay to run an auction while I'm gone at the show. Don't worry - I'll be back home in time to ship it out reasonably quick! This is the first time I have offered a FRAMED original painting in an actual auction format, starting at ONE PENNY with no reserve, so this could be your chance! It is a stunning painting, and beautifully framed by my husband Matt. You may have seen it before on my website, etc., it is a popular print seller. Painted in kind of a Tudor style it features a dark haired mysterious beauty, standing in front of a gothic window, with a pot of carnivorous Venus Flytrap plants! It is an acrylic painting on a masonite board - the frame is an antiqued solid wood "cutout" oval frame - very old fashioned yet posh looking - pretty big at 18"x22" (including the frame)- and it is up on eBay starting at just one penny with no reserve for a 10-Day auction ending the evening of Saturday, September 1st at 5:06 PM Central Time. You can see her below (first a sneak peek detail!):

Click HERE to see "My Venus Flytraps" FRAMED ORIGINAL PAINTING!

Next up is a BRAND NEW little OSWOA™ painting! OSWOA™ stands for "Original Small Work of Art" - if you search OSWOA on eBay you'll find lots of actual original artworks from great artists - all the same size - 4"x6" - that is a great size because it is a standard photo size, perfect for photo albums, photo sleeves, frames, etc. I have one of them for you today: "Radiant Red Fairy" - a BEAUTIFUL red haired fairy with amazing eyes - she is an ORIGINAL acrylic painting on a 4"x6" sheet of cotton canvas (slightly larger than my usual "mini paintings"). She is also up for a 10 day auction on eBay - ending on Saturday, September 1st at 5:02 pm Central Time and you can see her below (here's a sneak peek detail first):

Click HERE to see "Radiant Red Fairy" OSWOA ORIGINAL PAINTING in it's entirety....


::back to work::
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