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Jasmine Becket-Griffith

Good morning....

Sorry I haven't been online much lately - we've been swamped with business stuff, and of course Dragon*Con preparations.

Thank you to all of you who have asked about my cousin Erick! He's doing much better, thank goodness. My uncle Ben has started an LJ journal to keep everybody updated - erick_info .

My kitty Azrael has the sniffles, so we are taking him to the vet today. He seems to be acting fine, just sneezing a lot. Mama Wolf (our other kitty) had the sniffles earlier this year and they gave her some medicine, I'm guessing the same thing will happen here. I'm a little worried though because we're going to be leaving for Atlanta next week, so if it's something where he needs medicine every day we might have to board him at the vet while we're gone (which he will hate, lol, and Mama Wolf would be lonely by herself, but better safe than sorry!).

Oh yes - Vanessa, one of my longtime collectors, is moving and needs to unload some prints & other Jasmine stuff, and she's running a "Mystery Box Auction" - lots of fun - the more bids, the more stuff will be added to the Mystery Box, hehe. Check it out and place your bids here:

Click here to see the Jasmine Becket-Griffith Mystery Box Auction

Please note - I'm not involved with the auction itself, it's run by Vanessa, so any questions you have must be to her using the "Ask Seller a Question" field. I'm just posting the link here in case any of you are interested =)

I have been painting a lot of "surprise" original paintings to bring with me to Dragon*Con - ones that I will not be selling or showing you guys until after the show, hehe. They will "debut" there, so those of you coming to Dragon*Con will be among the first people to see them, and I think a couple of them are some of my BEST pieces so far! Very exciting! I've actually painted more paintings than I had art gallery barcodes reserved for, oops, so before I leave I will probably auction off a couple of my earlier pieces on eBay (framed ones, woohoo!) and bring new ones in their stead. I don't typically auction off framed pieces (usually they go in my eBay store) but since my store will be on pause while I'm gone, I'd like to have them in the auction format while I'm in Atlanta, so some of you might get the chance to get some framed work starting at a penny bid price - keep an eye on my LiveJournal for updates on that! ;)

Those of you who have been asking about WHERE at Dragon*Con I will be - I am in the ART SHOW. I've confirmed that the Art Show is in the Hyatt Regency Atlanta. The Art Show is on the EXHIBITION LEVEL of the hotel, in the "Grand Hall East" room. My table & gallery bays are on the far back wall when you enter the room.

Matt & I saw Stardust last week - what a GREAT movie. I loved it so much! Funny, exciting, and beautiful. I want to look like Michelle Pfeiffer when I grow up, hehe.

I'd better get back to work! I'm getting all of my paperwork printed out for Dragon*Con - bid sheets, piece IDs, control sheets, printshop control sheets, there is so much paperwork involved with this show, it makes my eyes go crossed. Just thought I'd check in to let everybody know I'm alive, and well!
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