Jasmine Becket-Griffith (jasminetoad) wrote,
Jasmine Becket-Griffith


Let me see.... yesterday Matt and I went out with Aunt Pat, Robin, and Grandma. We went to Fervere - one of the yummiest bakeries ever. I bought some cheese bread that has enormous curds of smoked gouda and smoked mozzerella baked in it, with two other types of cheese shredded on top. Lol, there is more cheese than bread! It's delicious. Then we went to Bluebird Cafe with is a cute little restaurant downtown that mostly serves vegetarian items (it's nice to have so many choices on one menu!). We then hit some upscale (many things were tens of thousands of dollars. I did see something for only $60, but it was just a throw pillow). And then we went to the Architectural Salvage store which is one of my favourite stores in Kansas City. It's in an enormous rickety building downtown with a creepy labyrinthine basement and several floors of salvaged architectural details. Whenever an old building pretty much anywhere in Missouri or Kansas is torn down or burns down or is re-habbed, the Architectural Salvage store gets all the good stuff that's stripped off. Lots of gargoyles, old doors, bizarre fireplaces, fancy wrought-iron fences and details, stone archways, weird old cool stuff.

Last night I worked for hours on my "CafePress" shop. I've upgraded to a premier shop, so I'm going to have an amazingly large online store. I always retain high-res scans of my artwork, so it should all look perfect! I'm going to have dozens of T-Shirts, baby-tees, camisoles/panty sets, tile coasters, lunchboxes, tile boxes, mousepads, clocks, etc. all with my artwork. I'm mostly doing it for fun and exposure, so I'm putting a very minimal "mark-up" on the items. I've ordered lots of things from cafe-press before (I've had shops for personal use that weren't open to the public) and I've always been satisfied with their quality and customer service. I'll let you all know when the shop is up and running!

Today though I've been working on some sketches for commissions. Now I am going to work on a bunch of small paintings that I've had in the works for a while. I have many, many pieces I want to sell before I move! I sure as hell am not going to move any unfinished artwork all the way to Florida =P

I'm thinking about a new series (got some stuff down on paper, but not much beyond that) of fairy paintings. Similar to my "Poison Fairies" but instead featuring precious stones, gems and minerals. I was always a "rock nerd" (I had a rock tumbler, lots of rock collections, would often go rock hunting, etc.) so I really dig that sort of thing. We'll see. I've also been thinking about doing some Zodiac inspired pieces (either Western Zodiac or Chinese Zodiac - not sure) and perhaps re-working Tarot idea. Lots of vague plans, lol.
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