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New CUSTOM Fairy & New FERRET painting & New CILM Package & New #01 Canvas Prints.....

Hi everyone! Things are moving at the speed of light around here it seems, I have been so busy, and getting ready for my trip to London on top of it all....

I have lots of new stuff!

I have a new FERRET painting, a new CUSTOM painting, a bunch of my new paintings available as #01 Canvas Prints up for auction, and a brand new graphics package (for tubes & tags!) up at CILM - whew!

This will probably be my last post before I leave for London! Don't worry - as long as you have paid for any orders/auctions by this Sunday evening, I will still ship before I go, otherwise everything will ship when I get back home on August 1st. My eBay store is "on pause" (ie, the store items & framed originals have "disappeared" but will "reappear" when I get home!) - everything will be back to normal when I come home. You can still place orders on my website HERE while I'm gone though.

First off is the new CUSTOM painting - these are SO much fun, both for me and for the customer! Basically I have a 9"x12" unfinished painting - the beginnings of a beautiful face on a plain dark background. The winner of this auction will get to tell me how to finish their painting! It is your painting - you can choose if she will be a fairy, an angel, a mermaid, an elf, etc. You can choose her clothing, her eye colour, skintone, her hair colour, her hairstyle, and her makeup! If she is a fairy, you can tell me what type of wings to paint and what colour. If you want her to be a mermaid, you can tell me how you'd like her tail to look, hehe. These are a blast! She is up for sale on eBay - a ten day auction starting at ONE PENNY with no reserve (typically my custom paintings start at $1250, so you may get a bargain!)- ending on Monday Evening (July 30th) and you can see her below - no worries, I will be back home in time to paint & ship this one so there will be no delay:

Click HERE To see..."Custom Fairy Painting" ORIGINAL PAINTING - PAINTED JUST FOR YOU!

Next is my new FERRET original painting! This one is very very cute - a fuzzy ferret snuggling with a glamorous purple-haired fairy - both have stunning butterfly-like wings. It is a 12"x16" original acrylic painting on a sheet of canvas and is called "Ferret With Butterfly Wings" - It is starting at a penny, with no reserve for a ten-day auction ending on the evening of Monday, July 30th and you can see her below - again, I will be home in time to ship this painting, so do not worry about any delays and feel free to bid as usual:

Click HERE to see "Ferret With Butterfly Wings" 12"x16" ORIGINAL PAINTING!

Next up are the Lt. Ed. #01/25 Hand Embellished Canvas Prints for several of my latest paintings "A Tomb in the Swamp," "Wolf Manor," "Sea Turtle Mermaid," "Skulls and Stars," & "Lily Frog" - each is up for a 10-day auction on eBay starting at just a penny with NO reserve - the auctions will also be ending on the evening of Monday, July 30th so I will be home in time to ship these out promptly, so there should be no delays - feel free to bid as usual! Click the links below to see the new canvas prints:

"A Tomb in the Swamp" #01 CANVAS PRINT

"Wolf Manor" #01 CANVAS PRINT

"Sea Turtle Mermaid" #01 CANVAS PRINT

"Skulls and Stars" #01 CANVAS PRINT

"Lily Frog" #01 CANVAS PRINT - SPECIAL SIZE- 8"x16"

More GREAT news for those of you folks who are online image/graphics hobbyists - makers of tubes, signature tags, websets, members of the groups for PSP and other image/graphics groups. I have a brand NEW graphics package up at CILM! The new package (package "G") features some of my best & most popular paintings. There is also a new option up at CILM to make "custom packs" where you can piece together your favourites individually and make your own pack! Also you can get "combo pack" where you can get my previous packages together at a discounted sale price.

Click HERE to see the fabulous new "Package G"

(Just click on the thumbnail pics on that page to see what all is included!)

and click HERE to see the NEW "CUSTOM Pack" options!

and click HERE to see the "Combo Pack" options!

For ANY questions regarding usage of my images as tubes or tags, this is handled by CILM (not by me myself) - you can contact them here:

customerhelp@creativeimagelicensing.com or call them: Customer Service Number Call (toll-free in the USA): 1-877-264-2456

Enjoy! I will be back on August 1st, with new artwork of course! I will be able to check my email a few times while I am gone, so if you need to contact me with an emergency, email me at JasmineToad@aol.com with the word "URGENT" in the subject line. Otherwise I will get to all that when I get back August 1st.

Family members - I'm staying with Annie, of course! =)
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