Jasmine Becket-Griffith (jasminetoad) wrote,
Jasmine Becket-Griffith

Wolf Manor - wow, this one is really pretty! =)

Paint, paint, paint...

I have a wonderful new ORIGINAL painting for you! Truly one of my best, this one is simply gorgeous. (The CANVAS prints are available of her already!). She is one of my "showpiece" paintings and the original is FRAMED and ready-to-hang! (I also have prints of her & also a re-listed MINI painting from another seller).

The new painting is one of the best paintings I've ever done, I can't stop looking at it! It is called "Wolf Manor" - and she is simply stunning! It features a gorgeous vampire-like winged girl with an amazing black & gold dress - she is standing on a magnifcent staircase and she has two enormous wolf friends with her. I'm not sure if she's a vampire or a werewolf or an elegant faerie creature - it's up to you! And it is FRAMED & READY TO HANG - an amazing antiqued gothic frame that is gorgeous in person, and HUGE! 26.5"x31" framed, this piece would bring a whole room to life. Since this is a special painting, framed, highly detailed, ready-to-hang, and such - she is going up in my eBay store gallery at a fixed price where she will remain until purchased - otherwise she will be travelling with me as one of my "showpieces" to the fall conventions of Dragon*Con & FaerieCon! You can see her below:

Click HERE to see "Wolf Manor" HUGE FRAMED ORIGINAL

She's one of those paintings that make me think "wow, I painted this myself?", lol.

And for those who aren't in the market for the original, Canvas PRINTS of "Wolf Manor" are also now available! First are the Hand Embellished Limited Edition Canvas prints (signed, numbered, and hand painted with embellishments on a sheet of 11x14" canvas):

Click HERE for the "Wolf Manor" Hand Embellished 11"x14"Lt. Ed. CANVAS Prints (Limited to only 25)

Open edition "sale" prints of her will be available within the next week or two =) After I get back from visiting my cousins in London!

And also - a collector has had to re-sell one of my mini paintings. This is not my auction, but I can happily vouch that this is the original painting from the original customer, so bid with confidence:

"Lavender Spring" 3x5 ORIGINAL MINI PAINTING

I have more paintings in the works - I'll probably post a few more before I leave next week.... hope everybody is enjoying their week!
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