Jasmine Becket-Griffith (jasminetoad) wrote,
Jasmine Becket-Griffith

2 NEW ORIGINAL Paintings - Framed Mermaid & Pug & more from Jasmine!

Hey everybody =) I've been painting up a storm....

I have TWO wonderful new paintings for you! (And some new prints). These are both extra special paintings, one is a PUG doggie piece for an animal rescue charity, and the other painting is the best mermaid I've ever painted, and is FRAMED and ready-to-hang!

Hey Barbi! Here's the Pug Painting ;0)

I've always thought that Pugs look a bit like little goblin dogs (I love them) - so it only makes sense that they'd have fairy friends. This is a special auction because 25% of the proceeds for the painting will go directly to Mid-Atlantic Pug Rescue. So every bid will help save Pugs in need. And also it's very cute!

Click HERE to see my "Pug Pixie" ORIGINAL PAINTING!

next up is the Best Mermaid I've Ever Painted. I'm really proud of this one, it is stunning "in person", and has an amazing picture frame that really makes it look like a window into the sea.... I'm planning on bringing this one to Dragon*Con but of course it's up in my eBay store so you all can get a chance at it first. Otherwise if nobody snatches her up, I'll bring her with me to Dragon*Con & FaerieCon this fall.

Click HERE to see the beautiful FRAMED "Sea Turtle Mermaid" HUGE ORIGINAL PAINTING!

And for those who aren't in the market for the original, PRINTS of "Sea Turtle Mermaid" are also now available! First are the Hand Embellished Limited Edition Canvas prints (signed, numbered, and hand painted with embellishments on a sheet of 11x14" canvas):

"Sea Turtle Mermaid" Hand Embellished 11"x14"Lt. Ed. CANVAS Prints (Limited to only 25)

I also have "Sea Turtle Mermaid" available now as open edition glossy prints for a special 3-day SALE on eBay:

"Sea Turtle Mermaid" 8x10 open edition print $10

& "Sea Turtle Mermaid" 12x16 open edition print $20


I'm getting really excited about getting to visit my cousins in London soon! I've never been to the UK, and haven't seen Annie & Matt (no, not my Matt, hehe) for a long time. I'm going to go visit a lot of museums, that's for sure!

I've been painting so much lately, it's a bit crazy. Mostly things for the Dragon*Con Art Show - some of which I'll show before we go, but some will get their "debut" actually at Dragon*Con. I look forward to seeing a lot of you (especially my Atlanta friends & fans) there - I should have some great stuff.

I'm getting excited also about FaerieCon in October!!! I'm not sure really what to expect - it's brand new, brought to us by the FaerieWorlds people. Should be pretty awesome. They're going to have midnight movie screenings of Labyrinth and the Dark Crystal - and the Frouds will be there to introduce them. I'm going to have an enormous booth there, with all of my art, of course! I have some exciting new merchandise I'm going to debut there as well.

Guess I'd better go finish some paintings - between conventions and family visits this summer/fall - I'm going to be working hard.

Oh!! I saw the new Harry Potter movie - it was awesome!!!!
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