Jasmine Becket-Griffith (jasminetoad) wrote,
Jasmine Becket-Griffith

Two new OSWOA Original Paintings & "See you soon"!

Hi everyone!

I'm leaving now for my vacation, but before I go I wanted to leave you with two original cute little 4"x6" OSWOA™ paintings!

Also if the links do not appear to be clickable, simply copy & paste the full link text into the URL field of your browser!

My little OSWOA™ paintings! OSWOA™ stands for "Original Small Work of Art" - if you search OSWOA on eBay you'll find lots of actual original artworks from great artists - all the same size - 4"x6" - that is a great size because it is a standard photo size, perfect for photo albums, photo sleeves, frames, etc. These are actual, original paintings - not prints of any kind. Very cute!

Click HERE to see "Beautiful Bronze Fairy" 4"x6" ORIGINAL PAINTING (she is extra fancy, with golden glitter and real metallic paint, too!)

Click HERE to see "Little Skull Necklace" 4"x6" ORIGINAL PAINTING

And again - I'm leaving now for vacation - I will return on July 9th. None of my current eBay auctions will be affected (you may notice that my other eBay store items though are currently "on pause" and will re-appear upon my return). You are more than welcome to place orders on my website - http://www.strangeling.com in the meantime, but please note that your order will not ship until my return on July 9th. Also keep in mind I will be away from my computer and will have limited internet access, so most emails will have to wait until I get back. If there is an emergency, please write "URGENT" in the subject line of the email, and I might get a chance to read it while I'm vacation, if absolutely necessary!

I will have lots more artwork when I get back! Those of you in the States, enjoy the 4th! I know I will - I'll be blowing stuff up and spending time with my family =)

Oooh! And guess what? When I get back, I'll be listing my very first OIL PAINTING, so keep an eye out for my return....

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