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New Notre Dame ORIGINAL painting, Hot Topic & IMPORTANT VACATION INFO...

Hi everyone!

Wow, I have been busy! Mostly working on commissioned paintings lately, getting caught up on that.

Yesterday Matt & I went and saw "Ratatouille" - the new Disney/Pixar movie at Downtown Disney - it was AWESOME! I loved it! Very funny, beautifully done, good story, cute ratties =) It also showed a lot of Paris which was neat because I'd just been there. It showed Notre Dame a few times too - which leads me to my new painting....

This new painting is called "Gargoyles of Notre Dame". As you all probably know (from how much I keep talking about it!) I had a wonderful art trip to France earlier this spring, with a magical visit to Paris, and I got to spend some time at the beautiful Notre Dame Cathedral, which left a big impression on me. It's a stunning, beautiful building covered with amazing gargoyles and other statues, and this new painting is the second in my Notre Dame series. It features a beautiful fairy creature with gargoyle-like wings and a black lace dress, perched atop a balcony on the cathedral, with intricate stonework and several gargoyle companions.

Click HERE to see my new "Gargoyles of Notre Dame" ORIGINAL PAINTING!

If you missed the first painting in the series, "The Secret of Notre Dame" - she is available as prints & canvas prints up in my website here:

"The Secret of Notre Dame" prints.....

I also have a new item available at Hot Topic - a brand new sticker made from my "Mermaid of the Deep" painting! This is one of the best stickers I've seen so far! You can see them at your local Hot Topic or also on the Hot Topic website here:

"Mermaid of the Deep" Hot Topic Sticker!

To see other items of mine at Hot Topic just click here:

Jasmine at Hot Topic!

Now - this is very important - read carefully:

PLEASE NOTE: I am getting ready to go out of town to visit my family up in Kansas City for independence day. Because of my limited internet access during this time, I will be putting my eBay store "on pause" later tonight - which means that my eBay store items will seem to have "disappeared" completely while I am gone (since I won't be able to ship until I get back, and I don't want to cause any confusion!). Don't worry though - they will magically "reappear" in a week or so. I get back home. I will be gone from July 2nd - July 9th. Feel free though to bid on my eBay auction-style listings (like this new painting, for example, and my ACEOs, and other auctions) while I am gone - they won't "disappear" - shipping will not be affected since I get back home in time, so no worries there. NOW - if you have any open, unpaid orders with me, or want to buy something from my website or eBay store before I leave and you can get payment to me by 5PM Eastern Time this Sunday, July 1st - I can easily get your package shipped out before I leave on my trip on Monday the 2nd. Otherwise - no hurry on payment - I will be back home on July 9th and will be able to ship out your package then too. Not a problem either way! Please let me know asap if you have any questions - or if your order is very time sensitive let me know asap (I can Express Mail it if absolutely necessary, hehe!). I am not sure what kind of email access I will have while I am gone, so please forgive me if there is a delay in my email responses.You are also more than welcome to buy things as usual from my website:


while I am gone too, I will ship all orders and answer all emails when I get home on July 9th as soon as the Post Office re-opens.

Whee! Now back to painting =) I have one more commission to finish, and then I'm going to work on some big original paintings of my own ideas, hehe. Maybe I'll even finish one more before I leave for my trip - we'll see!
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