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Hi everyone!

I have a new original painting, NEW tattoos on the website, and finally - YES - I now have downloadable tattoo flash for individual use, including the "outlines" for the tattoo parlours to use - huzzah!

First off - the new painting is very pretty - the latest installment in my "Ribbons" series (along the lines of Captive Fairy, Dark Ribbon Fairy, etc.) - we have "Red Ribbon Fairy"!

Click HERE to see "Red Ribbon Fairy" - ORIGINAL 16"X20" PAINTING!

To see any OTHER available originals, just visit my Original Paintings section of my store here:


and SALE Prints are here:


Next up - my FAN TATTOOS page at strangeling.com has been UPDATED with almost 100 new tattoo photos! You can see them here:

See the new tattoos on my NEW tattoo page!!!

Please note: If you have sent me a tattoo picture, and you don't see it there - that means I have lost the photo. I had a crash on my computer a while back and lost some of the tattoo photos I'd been meaning to post. Please just email me the pic again if you don't see yours up! I will be updating the "Fan Photos" section soon too.

So - you want to get a tattoo now, after seeing all of the lovely ones in my gallery? Guess what? I now have licensed individual downloadable tattoo "flash" sheets with SkinU. Basically you pay a small one-time fee, then you can download & print a full-colour version of the picture as well as an "outlines" version, which is what the tattoo parlour will want to use as a template to trace. This is the best way to get a tattoo of mine, because that means that it will be the CLOSEST to my original artwork, since it has the outline template for the tattoo artist to work directly from. To see the flash sheets currently available, click below (or copy & paste into your browser) and scroll through the 8-pages of images using the arrows at the top of the page:

Click HERE to see my individual tattoo flash sheets (with OUTLINES) for download!

If these do well, we will add more soon =)

And for those of you who actually work in a tattoo parlour, are tattoo artists, own tattoo/ body mod parlours, or want a LOT of tattoos, hehe, you can buy the full sets of flash here:

Click HERE to see the full set of tattoo flash!

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