Jasmine Becket-Griffith (jasminetoad) wrote,
Jasmine Becket-Griffith

Home, safe and sound!

Hi everybody!

I'm home from my trip to France with Larry, Delphine, Tammy, Kelly, Kayti, Chad, Gonzague, Donna, Susie, Leo, and all of the wonderful French people. I had such a WONDERFUL time, I can hardly put it into words!

I will do a bigger update later today, and soon I will post pictures =)

I am buried under a MOUNTAIN of emails and other work that got backed up while I was gone - thank you for your patience!

I learned a lot and am very inspired to paint - you should see some beautiful pieces from me very soon.

Right now I have a new custom auction up on eBay too:

Original CUSTOM painting - click HERE to see!

And right now (amidst the paperwork backlog) I am working on a new painting inspired by my trip to France - those of who went with me might recognize the background - it's from the valley we overlooked when we had the picnic!!! Depending on time, I might be able to finish it up by tonight, if I work hard - it is turning out so pretty.

Back to work I go! tigerpixieart is stopping by soon too - it'll be great to see her!
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