Jasmine Becket-Griffith (jasminetoad) wrote,
Jasmine Becket-Griffith

WILD BOAR, Two New BIG Original Paintings & MINIS & Vacation Info....

Today when I was walking in the woods across the street from my house, I saw SIX wild pigs! A big wild boar, with a mama pig, and four baby piglets. There are a lot of them around here, we've been seeing them a lot. Matt saw four of them yesterday when he was jogging. Some of them are more like feral pigs, and some of them are more like big wild boar with tusks and everything. Sometimes they're black, or red, or striped, and sometimes they have little "mohawk" looking bristles down their back. It was a little scary seeing them all at once like that - they were right next to me, and I was alone by myself. It was really cute though. The big male one made a loud snorting/oinking noise and they all ran away after I'd watched them for awhile. Adorable!

I bought a new camera the other day to bring with me on my France trip - next time I go in the woods I'll try to take some pictures of the wild pigs!

I have been painting, painting, painting this past week. Catching up on commissions, getting new work done, trying to get ready for my art trip, etc.

First just a quick head's up - I'm going to be taking an art class with Larry Elmore in France this coming week - leaving on Friday, the 18th and returning that Sunday, the 27th. However - my lovely assistant Matt will be here, handling orders, eBay, shipping. SO - nothing will really be affected - emails and shipping and eBay and website orders will go as usual - the only difference is that if you want something SIGNED by me (like a print signed, a canvas print made, anything personalized, etc.) - I will do that as soon as I get back. So only signed prints and canvas prints will be affected. All other existing auctions, original paintings, eBay store & website stuff will go as normal - so feel free to bid & buy as usual!

I have TWO BIG brand new original paintings (one up for auction, one FRAMED & in my eBay store) to show you, and a BUNCH of new mini paintings!

I don't know if it's because I'm a vegetarian or what, but I've always been fascinated with carnivorous plants....I thought I'd paint a Tudor-style portrait with some Venus Flytraps - this one is in a GORGEOUS frame - ready to hang - and is acrylics on masonite board:

Click HERE to see "My Venus Flytraps" ORIGINAL FRAMED PAINTING

She's in my eBay store, until purchased or until I take her to Dragon*Con or Faerie*Con, etc. So snatch her up if you want her!

The next painting is up for auction on eBay...

Click HERE to see "Purple Paper Hearts" ORIGINAL PAINTING

Now the "MINI" paintings - 5"x3" tiny original acrylic paintings on sheets of canvas - each is at a FIXED price of only $50 - this is the only way you can really get an original painting from me for that price, and these tend to sell instantly, so grab one if you can!! Some of these mini paintings are *extra special* this week - I've continued playing with adding real glitter, and glow-in-the-dark paints on some, very neat:

To see all of my MINIs and my other original paintings together, you can click below:

Or individually.......


& "Loads of Green Stars" *Really Glows in the Dark!!!* ORIGINAL MINI PAINTING

& "Gold Shimmers in My Hair" *With REAL Glitter!* ORIGINAL MINI PAINTING

& "Stunning Green Sparkles" *With REAL Glitter!* ORIGINAL MINI PAINTING

& "Little Blue Eyed Blonde"ORIGINAL MINI PAINTING

& "Pale Green Necklace" ORIGINAL MINI PAINTING



& "Magenta Moon" *Really Glows in the Dark!!!* ORIGINAL MINI PAINTING

& "Iridescent Pink" *With Glitter!* ORIGINAL MINI PAINTING

Enjoy! I may have one more update before I leave, depending on what I finish tonight & tomorrow.....
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