Jasmine Becket-Griffith (jasminetoad) wrote,
Jasmine Becket-Griffith

Kitties and Paintings

My kitties are spoiled. They prefer drinking running water (like from the sink) to drinking out of their boring old water dish. So - Matt and I were wandering about SuperTarget late last night (as we often do) and we found this awesome "Pet Purifying Water Fountain". It's a water purifying system that constantly pumps (like a little table top fountain, but in durable plastic and less decorative) water and trickles it through a filter (it holds 1.5 Litres). It's completely silent too. The kitties just love it! They'll sit and look at it for long stretches of time, and they are drinking far more than usual. They also ignored my paint water when I was painting (usually they are desperate to drink it - ewww). We also bought them a cool feeding contraption that replenishes their food when it's empty (gravity based, like the containers you purchase coffee beans or lentils in bulk from a grocery store). Fancy kitties. We are also going to buy them one of those "Litter Maid" self-cleaning litter boxes pretty soon too.

Matt's in the other room packing away some of his clothes into his Space Bags (those vacuum deflated storage bags you see Billy Mays hocking on the infommercials). They're pretty damned cool.

I put up three little paintings for auction on eBay - click below to see them!

Here are my latest little paintings - they're all starting at a penny with no reserve on eBay - just click on them to see the auctions =)

Here's Poison Fairy #6 (Magpie Mushrooms):

Here's a "Worried Faerie"

Here are some "Swamp Sisters" (one looks like me and one kinda looks like Amber {according to Matt})

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