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Jasmine Becket-Griffith

"Fishnets & Flowers" and "A Little Shy"

Hi everybody!

A quick head's up - I will be visiting with my family for the next two days. It should not affect any auctions, orders, shipping, anything like that - no delays, so no worries there. Just a head's up though that I will not be processing emails or posting here at LJ for the next 48 hours or so, just in case somebody worries about me, hehe. I'm fine!

First of all the new painting - I LOVE this painting. It is so colourful and lovely! It is called "Fishnets and Flowers" and features a cute little goth faiy outfitted in fishnets, big stompy boots and a red vinyl corset. She is looking up at the viewer with a snarky little attitude, lol. She is sitting amongst beautiful strange lily-like flowers - all colours of the rainbow - gotta see it! She is a 16"x20" big acrylic painting on a sheet of canvas, up on eBay starting at just one penny with no reserve for a 10-Day auction ending the evening of Thursday, April 26th at 5:50 PM CENTRAL TIME. You can see her below:

Click HERE to see "Fishnets and Flowers" ORIGINAL PAINTING

Next up is good news for any fans of "A Little Shy" - the original collector has unfortunately had to re-sell her, so the actual, original painting is up on eBay right now! I can verify that yes, indeed this is the original painting and the original owner of the painting, so it is the real thing, hehe. "A Little Shy" is one of my most popular and best selling pictures - it's licensed on everything from stickers to auto accessories - you can even see her on the new stuff at Hot Topic and at Target/SuperTarget stores, so she is one of my most "Famous" paintings - she's up for auction (again, this one is not my auction, but I can happily vouch for the seller and that this is the genuine painting) right here:

Click HERE to see "A Little Shy" ORIGINAL PAINTING

I'd better run - I'm meeting up with my dad & stepmom in a few minutes, talk to you all soon!
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