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Jasmine Becket-Griffith

New CUSTOM auction, Wizard of Oz art & more!

I've been spending a lot of time, um, painting! What else is new? Luckily, I love to paint, so that's a good thing.

Right now I have a new CUSTOM painting - these are SO much fun, both for me and for the customer! Basically I have a 12"x16" painting - a beautiful blue & pink sky with soft clouds - and the beginnings of a beautiful face in the middle. The winner of this auction will get to tell me how to finish their painting! It is your painting - you can choose if she will be a fairy, an angel, a mermaid, an elf, etc. You can choose her clothing, her eye colour, her hair colour, her hairstyle, and her makeup! If she is a fairy, you can tell me what type of wings to paint and what colour. If you want her to be a mermaid, you can tell me how you'd like her tail to look, hehe. These are a blast! She is up for sale on eBay - a seven day auction starting at ONE PENNY with no reserve (typically my custom paintings start at $1200, so you may get a bargain!

"Custom Fairy Painting" ORIGINAL PAINTING - PAINTED JUST FOR YOU - Click HERE to see!

Next is my new - NEVER BEFORE SEEN - Wizard of Oz themed piece - this was a privately commissioned painting, so the customer already owns the original of course, but I do have the #01 Limited Edition Hand Embellished Canvas print - this hand embellished canvas print is truly the next best thing.

Click HERE to see "Wicked Witch and her Flying Monkey" 8x10" Lt. Ed. CANVAS PRINT #01

and the same picture is also available as this week's SALE print in the glossy open edition format:

Click HERE for the $10 SALE print of "Wicked Witch and her Flying Monkey"

and one more - this isn't my auction, it is a collector of mine who needs to re-sell one of my ACEOs she bought from me last year. It is indeed authentic and is being sold by the original owner. The ACEO is "She's Got Pink Eyes" and she is selling it right here on eBay:

"She's Got Pink Eyes" ACEO

I've got to go start working on my website now. I have hundreds fan photos & tattoo photos to add, as well as literally dozens of new prints. I'll probably be quiet for a little while 'cos I'll be lost in HTML, so enjoy the new artwork!!
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