Jasmine Becket-Griffith (jasminetoad) wrote,
Jasmine Becket-Griffith

Two new FRAMED Original Paintings!

All righty - I have been painting ALL weekend long (but what else is new?) and I have two brand new paintings. These are both very special in that not only are they lovely, they are also FRAMED and ready-to-hang! I want to try to do more ready-to-hang pieces from time to time, both for eBay and for bringing with me to shows, festivals, conventions, etc. Also I get to hang them in my living room until people buy them, lol. So these are going up in my eBay store for now. As always - eBay also has the "Best Offer" option, and I welcome ALL offers. If you have another price in mind, just use the "Best Offer" button - don't worry, I am never ever insulted by "best offers" so feel free to name your price - you never know!

And today - you get sneak peeks of parts of the painting to click on, hehe - click on the pics or on the text to see the paintings!


Click HERE to see "Blueberries and Cream" ORIGINAL FRAMED PAINTING

Let me see....what else is new....

I got to get out of the house a little bit today though to ride my bike. SUCH a beautiful day out. I saw a little (5', maybe) alligator, and lots and lots of birds. I'm thinking about painting an alligator sometime soon. I painted an "Alligator Fairy" many years ago, but I'm a much better painter now, lol, I should give it another try.

I'm going to be updating my website sometime soon. I have a couple of dozen new paintings/prints to add, I need to hurry up and hop to it! I also need to update the tattoo page (I think I have like 200 new photos of fans' tattoos to put up!) and fan photos pages too.

Hey - those of you in Alabama - I'm going to be in Birmingham in 2009 being a guest at a convention - I'll have more info as the time draws closer (and since that's two years from now, lol, there will be PLENTY of time for that!).

I'm a little upset - our local "Fresh Market" grocery store used to stock my "Canfield's Diet Chocolate Cherry Soda", and now they don't. It's my favourite soda. Most people (people like MATT for example) think it's gross, but I love it and it is so hard to find. I ended up ordering some on AMAZON. The shipping is ridiculous, I wish some local store would stock it, darn it. Any Florida folks know where it's available? It was the Fresh Market in Dr. Phillips that I was getting it from, and other than that I have never seen it in Florida.

Enough rambling, I have lots of emails to catch up on, and supper to cook! Enjoy the new paintings!
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