Jasmine Becket-Griffith (jasminetoad) wrote,
Jasmine Becket-Griffith

Three New Mermaids........

Been having a busy day - mostly doing computer backups, and finishing up these new mermaids!

Probably inspired by my recent trip to the Caribbean, I've been wanting to paint some mermaids.....

The new big painting is called "Tiki Mermaid". I love everything tiki, and tropical, and of course I love mermaids - so this painting really speaks to me! It features a lovely Polynesian mermaid princess in the South Seas, with a simmering volcano in the distance and a mysterious tiki god statue next to her, with some tiki torches and an offering of tropical fruits. You can see her here:

"Tiki Mermaid" BIG 20"x16" ORIGINAL PAINTING

Next up are my little OSWOA™ paintings! OSWOA™ stands for "Original Small Work of Art" - if you search OSWOA on eBay you'll find lots of actual original artworks from great artists - all the same size - 4"x6" - that is a great size because it is a standard photo size, perfect for photo albums, photo sleeves, frames, etc. I have two of them for you:

"Tiny Mermaid with a Tiki" 4"x6" OSWOA™ ORIGINAL PAINTING


"Tiny Pink Tailed Mermaid" 4"x6" OSWOA™ ORIGINAL PAINTING

To see all of my current new original paintings available you can see below:

Click HERE to see my current ORIGINAL paintings on eBay

Click HERE to see this week's SALE PRINTS on eBay

Matt is playing "Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess" on the Nintendo Wii in the other room. What a cool game! I mostly just get to listen to it, while I paint, lol - but it is very neat.

Just a few more weeks until the new Nine Inch Nails album comes out!! Woohoo!

My sister-in-law Heather went to New York this past weekend and got to visit the Vosges chocolate store. I am so jealous! But she thoughtfully brought back a box of their Dark Chocolate Truffles for me - thank you so much, Heather! I'm loving them!

I love Vosges chocolates in general, they are soooo good, and have such unusual flavours, like wasabi, balsamic vinegar, curry, peppers, pollen, olives, etc. All the ones I've tried have been tasty. There was one limited edition one that had BACON in it, ewwwww - lol - so as a vegetarian I wouldn't try that one, but other than that, they're all good ;P They are so gosh-darn expensive though.

Not much else going on. I have to go to the dentist again on Thursday, ugh. In the meantime though, I'll cheer myself up with painting. I should have the webcam up & running again soon, it's been down while I've been doing computer back-ups and burning files onto disks, etc.

I'd better go work on that now, enjoy the new mermaids!
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