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New FROG KING painting, Hot Topic, etc.

Of course, you all know my love for Amphibians (hence my name, JasmineToad of course) - I have a new painting in honour of them.....click below to see:

"Magnificent Frog King" ORIGINAL PAINTING

Isn't he awesome? Love the little blonde cuties he has too, lol.

Also, Hot Topic now has a new sticker of mine - based on my "Fairy Voodoo" painting - click below to see it:

"Fairy Voodoo" new STICKER at Hot Topic

This past Saturday we went to the Plant City Strawberry Festival in Plant City, Florida! Wow, there were a lot of strawberries, lol. I love strawberries. I got a big bowl of them. Also I had vegetarian gyros sandwiches, and a bunch of candy (like saltwater taffy, old fashioned stuff). We had a lot of fun. Lots of carnival rides, plant shows, country-fair type stuff. Beautiful weather, too.

Last night, we went and saw Frank Miller's "300" movie! It was awesome! Go see it!

I am SO excited for the new Nine Inch Nails album, "Year Zero", coming out this week. I am in awe - two NIN albums in the space of a year. That is crazy! I'm used to having to wait years in between albums. Go Trent!

Matt's getting some sandwiches, so I'd better go finish up this stack of canvas prints that need to be signed & stuff.

Enjoy the new art!
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