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Back home, new Hot Topic stuff, Dragon*Con, Faerie*Con, France Art Class, etc.

We are back home, safe & sound!

For our 10th Anniversary I surprised Matty (kaokame) with a trip down to Mexico and Belize, we just got back yesterday. We had a WONDERFUL time, climbing Mayan pyramids, visiting ruins, the oceans, rainforests, etc. Lots of good food & drink, etc. Sorry - I still don't have a good camera, lol - so I do not have any pictures to share. I had such a great time. Still not quite "home" in my head yet, hehe.

Now I have hundreds and hundreds of emails, piles of phonecalls, paperwork, etc. that piled up while we were gone >__< Please bear with me the next few days while I catch up.

While I was gone I see that Hot Topic is now carrying my line of auto accessories - these are the same line as the ones carried at Target and SuperTarget, so you can mix & match them.

So far I see a couple of items on the HT website too:

"A Little Shy" Steering Wheel Cover

& "A Little Shy" Floor Mats

In other news about upcoming shows & appearances....

I have applied for the Art Show again at Dragon*Con - http://www.dragoncon.org/ - assuming I pass jury, I'll be there in person on August 31st-September 3rd in Atlanta, Georgia - I'll have a bazaar table and a big chunk in the art gallery there.

Also - I am very pleased to announce that I have been confirmed at FAERIE-CON! This is the new convention put on by the FaerieWorlds people, http://www.faeriecon.com/

Faerie-Con will be a blast - October 12th-14th - in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I will be there of course, in a huge 20' booth. I will have TONS of art, it will be awesome. Also at Faerie-Con will be Brian Froud (yay!) & Wendy Froud, Amy Brown, Jessica Galbreth, Nene Thomas, Kinuko Kraft, Linda Bergkvist, Ari Berk, I forget who all will be there, but it will be so cool to have all of us artists in one place!!!!

Also - some of you other artists might be interested in this one - you've probably heard me talk about how much fun I've had at Larry Elmore's artist retreats - he is having one in FRANCE this May, and I'm going!!! Last time I checked, he still has room for a couple of more artists - the class info is here:

http://www.larryelmore.com/art_class.htm (top Right Hand side - May FRANCE trip)

I already know six or seven of the other artists who are going, it should be a great group. This will be the THIRD art retreat of his I've been on, and I always learn a lot and have a lot of fun, Larry is a good friend and an amazing artist, so some of you artist folks with some extra spending money might want to check it out!!

All righty, that's a bunch of good news about upcoming stuff, now I need to go focus on the "right now" stuff. Mostly involving answering emails, painting, and buying groceries for my empty refrigerator. Off I go.........
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