Jasmine Becket-Griffith (jasminetoad) wrote,
Jasmine Becket-Griffith

MINI Paintings, windows, and ferrets.....

Head's up - MINI Paintings will be magically "popping" up at eBay shortly - check out my originals page and refresh it periodically to try to grab one if you are in the market.....


I am SO happy! We've been having our house painted (the exterior) this past week, and had to take the screens off of the windows. Which effectively meant that we couldn't have our windows open because otherwise Azrael & Mama Wolf would get out, and the lizards and frogs would get IN. So we've had to have closed windows which drives me nuts since the weather has been so nice. I hate running the air conditioning and always prefer fresh air. So now the painters are done, and my windows are open, and the house looks fantastic, so I am very very happy. The kitties are happy too, because now they can sit on the window sills with their nostrils wiggling, lol.

I'm working on a new painting right now - those of you with compatible browsers can check me out on my webcam here:

Click HERE to see Jasmine paint on her webcam!

So far I have a fairy and some scribbles that will eventually turn into a FERRET.....

I'm getting ready to cook some lunch, so I'll be on camera painting in a half hour or so!
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