Jasmine Becket-Griffith (jasminetoad) wrote,
Jasmine Becket-Griffith

New art, 3-D Moving Pictures, & Mega-Con!

Whew! What a weekend! I am so drained, but I had so much fun.....

First off, thank you for all of you who came to see me at Mega-Con this past weekend! It was great to meet so many of you - so many people from MySpace, from eBay, from LiveJournal, from my mailing list, website, lurkers, Dragon*Con, longtime fans, all of you - it was so cool to see you all "in person"! We had a very successful show and a lot of fun, I will definitely be back next year!

Now - I have a couple of never before seen pictures for you (canvas prints & open editions), and some great new products - 3-D moving pictures!

Yep - 3-D "moving" pictures. These are waaaaay cool. These Limited Edition Prints being made by Grim Fairy Galleries - they are lenticular, meaning that as you move your head at different angles while looking at the pictures, they appear to move, change, and have a sense of depth and 3-dimensions to them - it is like looking "inside" the picture. I don't make these myself, they are licensed by the 3-d company and are sold on their website - but I have seen them in person and they are VERY cool. There are only 250 made of each picture, so grab one while you can:


They have three images so far. Click on the pictures for ordering information and to see the simulation of how they "move"! They are very cool - for example in "Alice and the Cheshire Cat" - it looks like the Cheshire Cat "disappears" as you move your head, leaving only his grin..... They are 11"x14" and very reasonably priced at $64.99. They are on sturdy board, ready to frame.

Next up - my new pictures! I brought a couple of brand new original paintings to Mega-Con - and they both sold early the first day! (Reminder to self, next year bring more originals!) So since many of you were unable to come to the show to see them, I thought I'd put the canvas prints & open edition prints in my eBay store asap. Normally I'd auction off the 1st of the editions and put the smaller prints on sale, but Matt & I are leaving for vacation on the February 25th-March 4th for our 10th Anniversary, and I didn't want the auctions to end while we're out of town, so they're in my store for now. They are both very beautiful pieces - you can see them all below - they will be brand new to you folks who weren't at Mega-Con:

BRAND NEW "Silver Wolf" Hand Embellished 11"x14"Lt. Ed. CANVAS Prints (Limited to only 25)


BRAND NEW "Hints of Gold" Hand Embellished 8"x10" Lt. Ed. CANVAS Prints (Limited to only 25)

I also have these same two paintings available now as open edition glossy prints in my eBay store:

"Silver Wolf" 8x10 open edition print

"Silver Wolf" 12x16 open edition print

"Hints of Gold" 8x10 open edition print

I will be working on several new originals before we leave on our trip, so be on the lookout!

Yep, it's our 10th anniversary so I've planned a little vacation for me & Matt, we need a break after Mega-Con. It's really neat - I have told Matty when we are going, but not where we are going. He won't even know if we're going by car, plane, boat, train, etc. So I haven't told anybody yet, and have used a different email address to make online reservations, etc. Top Secret ;)

So we'll be gone from February 25th - March 4th. During that time I'll probably put my eBay store on pause, but my website & eBay auctions will run as usual (shipping & emails will resume upon our return). That's not for a while yet, I just thought I'd give you all a head's up if you wanted to place orders, send payment, etc. before we leave =)

All righty - I have a million things I need to catch up on from Mega-Con - thank you again everybody, and enjoy the new pictures!!!!!
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