Jasmine Becket-Griffith (jasminetoad) wrote,
Jasmine Becket-Griffith

New "scary" mermaid painting (hehe), Medusa prints, other good stuff....


I finished a new painting, Matt thinks it's scary ;)

Now, I've painted a LOT of mermaids over these past 10 years or so, but this is my FAVOURITE to date! I love oceans, and ocean life - especially those weird, bizarre, creepy creatures that live in the sunless depths of the benthic and abyssal zones of the ocean. The angler fish, lantern fish, dragonfish/devilfish, the jellyfish, the pelican gulper eel, the glass squid - all of these creatures in my painting are actually based on REAL animals, that are out in our oceans right now. I love them all, so I've painted them with a kinda creepy mermaid - with bioluminescent abyssal colouring, just like the other monsters of the deep. Click below to see her.....

"Mermaid of the Deep" ORIGINAL PAINTING

"Portrait of Medusa" 11x14" Lt. Ed. CANVAS PRINT #01

(Since Medusa was an oval painting, I added a solid black background around it to format it to a normal print size/shape - that way it can be framed with an oval or with a rectangle & still look good.)

"Dark Mardi Gras" 15x6" Lt. Ed. CANVAS PRINT #01

I have lots of prints on SALE this week too, CLICK HERE TO SEE ALL OF THE SALE PRINTS!

Or click on these individually....

"Portrait of Medusa" 8x10 SALE PRINT $10 & "Portrait of Medusa" 12x16 SALE PRINT $20

"Dark Mardi Gras" 10x4 SALE PRINT $10 & "Dark Mardi Gras" 15x6 SALE PRINT $20

and some other Mardi Gras prints are on sale, 'tis the season...

"Mardi Gras Masquerade" 8x10 SALE PRINT $10
& "Ghosts of Mardi Gras" 8x10 SALE PRINT $10

So the other day, I had TWO ripening pineapples growing in my backyard.

Then one morning, I went out there and there was only one. I searched around for clues, and found the core & top of the pineapple under my azalea bushes. It had been obviously eaten by some animal - I'm guessing either possum or raccoon, I see both of them around a lot. Maybe an armadillo, they are in my backyard frequently, but I don't know if they eat pineapples.

So I cut off the top of the eaten pineapple and put it in a glass of water, and lo and behold it is starting to grow roots! Soon I'll plant it out back. Pineapples are strange - they are related to Spanish moss and other bromeliads, so they grow very oddly. Each plant only produces one pineapple, so I was a little sad about losing one, but I think it's kind of cute that some animal came in my yard and stole my pineapple....
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