Jasmine Becket-Griffith (jasminetoad) wrote,
Jasmine Becket-Griffith


Hi everybody!

Sorry I have been quiet lately - my mother & stepdad are here in town visiting us for their Florida vacation =) They're having fun - it is nice having them here too.

Today they are at the Magic Kingdom, and I was able to finish up a painting I've been planning since my recent trip to Mexico! Quetzalcoatl is the plumed serpent (feathered dragon) of the early Meso-American cultures, and I've put him in a painting with a pretty girl, with an Aztec/Mayan calendar in the background - my GOD there is a lot of detail in this one, I think almost every square inch of this I had to paint with my tiniest brushes, I have a lot of hours invested in this, and I hope it shows =)

Click below to see:

"Priestess of Quetzalcoatl" ORIGINAL PAINTING!

Has anybody seen the movie called "Q" (aka Q the Feathered Serpent) that had David Carradine in it from back in the 1980s? I kept thinking of that movie when I painted this, lol.

I have lots of art news going on that I will be able to tell you about soon, I have been so busy with so many projects and upcoming projects lately. I should be gettting a lot more paintings done this month though, I have a bunch of great ideas lined up.

The Vegetable Man (the guy who brings our organic vegetable delivery) came so I'd better go sort out this big box of veggies, lol. Hope everybody enjoys the painting and has a nice evening =)
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