Jasmine Becket-Griffith (jasminetoad) wrote,
Jasmine Becket-Griffith

Happy New Year! I'm home =)

Happy New Year, everybody!

We're back home safe & sound.

We had a wonderful Christmas up in Kansas City - got to see lots of family members, great presents, great food, lots of fun. It was cold, but no snow, thank goodness!

Now we're back home, catching up on orders & emails (thank you for your patience - it might take a few days to get through all of the emails, lol).

Last night Matt & I stayed in - we didn't go out for New Year's, and had a fun night home instead. Played some video games, watched some movies, had some $3 champagne (Andre's, nothing but the best, lol), ate lots of good food - Spanakopitas (spinach pastries), veggie spring rolls, vegetable phyllos, other snacky stuff.

And as with every year, I made sure the first food I ate in the New Year was black-eyed peas, for good luck! Does anybody else do that?

Yesterday was hot, I think it got to 86 degrees, today it is rainier and cooler, high 70s, very nice out though - it feels good to have the windows open. Matt is out taking our holiday decorations down from the front of the house. Then he's going to go out and get some yardwork done, we're buying a lot of plants to go in the backyard this week and we want to have everything ready for that. Palm trees, banana trees, bedding plants, herbs, flowers, all kinds of stuff. Hopefully it won't rain too much.

Sheesh - we'd like to send out all of our orders right away but heck - New Year's Eve was on a Sunday so the post office was closed, then New Year's Day (today) the post office is closed, and THEN tomorrow is apparently a national day of mourning for Gerald Ford, so the post office is still closed. So I guess we'll be doing a lot of shipping on Wednesday!

Speaking of which - my eBay store is back up and running here:


and my website is running as normal here:


So we're back in business now that we're home and the holidays are over =)

Ought to be a busy next few days though - gotta catch up on emails, etc. I'm also PAINTING of course (I've been going nuts the past week without painting anything) - you can peek in on my webcam while I paint here - this'll be my first painting of 2007:

Click HERE to see my webcam!

It's going to be a lovely portrait of a woman in a fancy dress with a pet dragon.

I hope that everybody has a Happy New Year!!!
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