Jasmine Becket-Griffith (jasminetoad) wrote,
Jasmine Becket-Griffith

Guitar Fairy painting, other stuff.....

I have a new painting! This might be the last one I post before I leave for my visit up to Kansas City, so go look at her ;)

Click below:


She's one of the saddest girls I've painted, I think.

I am SO looking forward to getting the rest of these orders out today and tomorrow, and then getting a week off. I will probably get a couple of things up on eBay tomorrow night, but after that I'm on a plane and will be gone!

You may have noticed that I have put my eBay store "on pause" - which means that my eBay store items will seem to have "disappeared" completely while I am gone (since I won't be able to ship until I get back, and I don't want to cause any confusion!). Don't worry though - they will magically "reappear" in a week or so. I get back home on New Year's. Feel free though to bid on my eBay auction-style listings (like this new painting, for example!) while I am gone - shipping shouldn't be affected really since I get back home soon, so no worries there. I should have one more eBay auction tomorrow as well (or maybe some ACEOs or something), but after that I will be out of town. You are also more than welcome to buy things as usual from my website: http://www.strangeling.com

while I am gone, just keep in mind that I will be shipping on New Year's after the Post Office has re-opened. Also my internet & email access will be very limited during my trip, so email correspondence will probably have to wait until I get back.

Thank you everybody who has sent me holiday cards! I have so many - all are displayed in my kitchen, thank you so much! I feel bad because I ran out of time this year for sending them - typically I try to, but I slipped up this year. I promise that next year I will do my best to send out cards. I genuinely enjoy doing so, I just didn't make enough time for it this year.

I am so happy that I got all of my Christmas shopping done! Whew! I took one day this week and shopped from morning until night, catching up on everything. It's all stuff I must bring with me on the plane to Kansas City, so that made some of it a little tricky, but in the end I think it will all turn out okay. It was fun picking out presents for my family.

I've been thinking about the New Year a lot, and what my goals are. I am proud that I stuck to all of my "resolutions" this year - flossing my teeth everyday, continuing to do my Tae-Bo and weightlifting every day, doing a convention (Dragon-Con) and a renaissance faire (Sarasota), painting as much as possible, travelling more, etc. I succeeded in all of them and that makes me feel good. I'll have to think of some good ones for next year now....

For now though, it is back to work for me! Enjoy the new painting!
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