Jasmine Becket-Griffith (jasminetoad) wrote,
Jasmine Becket-Griffith

New painting, other stuff....

Hey everybody!

Syd Barrett's pillow (the cushion I bought at his estate auction) came in the mail the other day, I'm still very excited. I'm so happy I won it. It means so much to me. For you Syd fans, I will be sure to post pics when I have a working camera =)

Along a similarly psychedelic vibe, I have a very colourful new painting:


The second in my series of "Fairy Group Portraits" - a lot of detail and fun faeries of all sizes, shapes & colours in there. It is up for a 3-DAY ONLY auction, so if you're planning on bidding - bid EARLY. It's such a short duration because I want to make sure I have time to ship if necessary before I leave for Kansas City on Christmas Eve.

Also - for you Hot Topic and sticker fans - here is a new one...click below to see:

"Gravedigger" Sticker at Hot Topic!

Yesterday Matt & Brian (foxmagic) installed a new speaker/receiver/surroundsound set (Matt's Christmas gift from me) in the living room. It sounds really great! Lol, of course it also shows off what a relatively small, crappy TV we have, but oh well. I can hear it much better now from my studio, which is cool.

Gonna try to get the rest of my Christmas shopping done tomorrow, hmmmm....

Feeling good about the holiday rush this year. Even though we did a LOT more sales/orders this year, it actually went a lot smoother - Matt & I are so much better at keeping on top of things. Kinda behind on emails and personal correspondence, but not too bad. We've been shipping out at least once a day, which helps a lot. I don't have the horrible headaches and tummy-aches I got so much of during last season. Hopefully next year will be even smoother.

I made curried squash for lunch today, man it was good! Someday I might write down some of the recipes I've made up and put together a little book....

Speaking of food, I'm getting hungry. Better go use up the food we have now before I leave next week....

Good night all, and enjoy the art!
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