Jasmine Becket-Griffith (jasminetoad) wrote,
Jasmine Becket-Griffith

Christmas Ferrets!

Okay folks, got another holiday painting for you =)

Click below to see:

"Christmas Ferrets" ORIGINAL PAINTING!

It is up for a special 5 day auction to give plenty of time for Christmas shipping if need be.

In addition I've gone ahead and released the new painting as a SALE print early, in time for Christmas - also the same with "Santa Frog" and my ever popular "Fairy Christmas".

Click HERE to see all of the SALE prints!

"Santa Frog" 8x10 $10 SALE PRINT

"Christmas Ferrets" 8x10 $10 SALE PRINT

"Christmas Ferrets" 12x16 $20 SALE PRINT

& "Fairy Christmas" 8x10 $10 SALE PRINT

Also - I was able to squeeze in some "MINI" paintings - 5"x3" tiny original acrylic paintings on sheets of canvas - each is at a FIXED price of only $50 - this is the only way you can really get an original painting from me for that price, and these tend to sell instantly, so grab one if you can!!




I will try to get some more MINI paintings finished in time for the holidays, so be on the lookout. Since they tend to sell within minutes (or seconds) of me listing them, I understand that it is hard to "catch" them. My suggestion is to bookmark this link below and check it periodically - that way you can see the listings "pop" even before I get a chance to send out my mailing list or post here in my journal:


Let me see... what else is new... busy as usual (busier actually, due to holiday rush). Painting when I can =) I have some great new paintings lined up - I'm very excited about that.

I've been tracking the progress of Syd Barrett's pillow (that I won in the his estate auction) - it is in transit, hopefully arriving today or tomorrow. Very very excited about that!

Azrael (my kitty) has been showing a lot more interest in our Christmas tree this year. He has been batting off ornaments, trying to get our attention while we're working, it seems. He got some excitement yesterday when another kitty came to visit through the back window - now he keeps looking out there hoping that other kitty comes back, hehe.

I'd better go start thinking about dinner, I'm hungry! Hope you are all having a good evening =)
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