Jasmine Becket-Griffith (jasminetoad) wrote,
Jasmine Becket-Griffith

Back from the Medieval Fair!

We're back!

I had a WONDERFUL time being a guest at the Sarasota Medieval Fair. What a great time! Everybody there was so nice, and it was a beautiful festival. It was held on Hunsader Farms which is a huge vegetable farm and petting zoo. We were right by the goats, lol.

Thank you ALL who came out to see me there! It was awesome meeting everybody in person who I have previously just known online. I got to meet people who have beeen fans/collectors of mine for many years - even got to see some tattoos based on my paintings - what a great feeling!

In addition to having a lot of fun, we also sold a TON of stuff, which was fabulous. I have been invited to return next year and will definitely be doing so. I foresee more renaissance faires in my future ;)

I had a big 20 foot by 20 foot tent which was in the shade right across from one of the stages so we got to see the Aerial Angels doing their acrobatics and also got to see Wildfyre (renaissance music band) doing their acts throughout the day, which was neat.

The only bad thing, much like the problem I had at Dragon*Con, was that I was basically "stuck" in the tent the whole time and didn't get to wander around the fair very much. I love visiting renaissance fairs and am used to doing a lot of shopping, eating, drinking, etc., lol, so I felt a little like I was missing out when I was working in my tent, but it was still fun. We had a pretty steady stream of customers the whole time so I didn't want to leave, hehe.

I still need to buy a new camera, so I don't have any pictures. A lot of fans took pictures of my tent and of me, hehe, and there were a lot of news media there too so I might have some pics later.

As usual, I am very far behind now on emails. We have gotten everybody's orders out that piled up while we were gone, but if I owe you a personal or non-order-related email, thank you for your patience, it may be a few days! I have also fallen hopelessly behind here at LiveJournal - if there is anything important that you need me to know, just email me =)

Right now I'm going to try to squeeze in some painting! While at the Renaissance Fair I was inspired to do another Renaissance-portrait-style painting, and this time it is a Tudor style of Queen Elizabeth with an Ermine (I love royal portraits with weasels!).

If you would like to peek in on me while I work, you can watch me paint on my webcam here:

Click HERE to see my webcam!

I should have some new ACEOs and prints available probably tomorrow - for now I want to concentrate on painting =)

Off I go!
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