Jasmine Becket-Griffith (jasminetoad) wrote,
Jasmine Becket-Griffith

Good morning!

Last night we went and saw "Marie Antoinette" - it was really good! It is worth seeing if only for the costumes and sets alone. They actually filmed it at Versailles, and the scenery is beautiful. It was a great movie other than that, too.

So many houses here in town are decorated for Halloween! I should get some decorations or something. We're going to dress up and walk around as usual this year - Halloween here in Celebration is such a big event - everybody from the four counties it seems comes here to trick-or-treat - often the trick-or-treaters per household can number in the thousands. We need to buy lots of candy to stock up. Some houses really really get into it all too - with haunted houses set up on their porches, lots of special effects, hired actors, etc.

I don't know what I'm going to be for Halloween yet =/ Matt is going to be a Were-Leopard, that should be interesting. Last year my sister Amber and her husband Chris were here, and the four of us dressed up as characters from the movie Conan the Barbarian (click here to see my post from last year with pictures!!). Lol, it's funny to see Matt with long hair - I'd forgotten he had it like that then!

Guess what? Not too much longer and my line of open edition figurines will be coming out! A few of you have seen this pic before, but for those who haven't - these are still the prototype versions (a lot of them have been revised in various ways, not the finished versions) - but the finished versions are almost ready (they just need to correct the mis-spelling of my name on their backsides, lol) - shouldn't be too long before they come out. These are completely separate from my line of Lt. Ed. Resin Statues - these are lighter weight, open edition, not quite as detailed but still really cute and they will retail for only $10-$20 or so. They vary between 4-7" high and will be sold at the usual stores. I do not yet know for sure when they will officially be released (should be soon though!) and I hope to stock them myself. I think there are 18 of them total right now, being made by MCM. When I have the final versions of the statues I will post closeups, etc.! So here is a SNEAK PREVIEW in the meantime:

Aren't they adorable? Wicked, Tricksy & False will be sold as a set of three. I love the mermaids a lot - "Shimmering Mermaid" has clear acrylic sparkly water for a base, so cute. I'm really happy that they picked "Voodoo in the Bayou" too - that is one of my favourite paintings and I think this is the first time she's been licensed on something. "Alice" is extra cool as well. In fact, I love them all!

Sorry I don't have more info yet, but I should very soon. I do not yet know if they will be available before Christmas yet but I will keep you all posted!

All righty - I'd better go start painting! Today I will be working on a new graveyard/angel painting and perhaps some commissioned work too. You'll be able to peek in on me HERE ON MY WEBCAM - I'll be off and on throughout the day depending on what I'm working on.

Off I go!
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