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faerie art............

i am so excited =)

today i was asked to be featured in a book showcasing contemporary fairy artists. it is being published by the same folks who made some of Brian Froud and Boris Vallejo's books, and a bunch of other fantasy artists' work. i'll have 2-3 pieces along with a short written bit about my philosophy concerning the world of faeries, etc. in the back will be a short biography, a "contact the artist" blurb and probably a promotional photo of me. it will be a "real" art book - primarily aimed at an adult audience and will be sold at regular book stores, Barnes and Noble, etc. hopefully this will turn out to be a cool collaboration piece - it will be nice to have a professional hard-cover book with my work in it, and the exposure would be great.

in the meantime - here are Tattooed Fairies #4 & #5

both of these are japanese themed - #4 (left) means "Night" and #5 (right) is "Peaceful". i'll be sticking them up on eBay tonight...
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