Jasmine Becket-Griffith (jasminetoad) wrote,
Jasmine Becket-Griffith

HOBGOBLINS of Autumn, Website Update, & NECRONOMICON!

First off...... www.strangeling.com has been UPDATED!

Just the art galleries for now. I still need to update about 50 more tattoos and a ton of fan photos too - but that will have to wait for another day =)

So go check it out:


TONS of new prints, canvas prints, etc. All my new paintings too (except for the one I finished painting 20 minutes ago, lol). And remember - when you order from my website - FREE SHIPPING ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD.

Okay now - next up - my latest masterpiece....click below to see it:

"Hobgoblins of Autumn"

This is one of those that I spent a ridiculous amount of time on, adding miniscule details that nobody will notice but me, that type of thing, hehe. Some creeeeepy weird Hobgoblins in autumn colours and dead leaves encroaching upon a happy fairy in the colours and lush leaves of summer. Inspired by the upcoming change of seasons (well, the seasons in most places other than Florida, lol). Please note:Some of you may be happy to see that this is one of my ultra-rare paintings in which a fairy is shown actually SMILING!

Next bit of news - I will be making an "appearance" at NECRONOMI-CON in Tampa, Florida from October 27th-29th! I will be there in the art show, as well as a table signing autographs, selling stuff, etc. Find out more on my "appearances" page here:


Hope to see some of you there!

Back to work I go.....
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