Jasmine Becket-Griffith (jasminetoad) wrote,
Jasmine Becket-Griffith

Update from Dragon*Con!

We are safe & sound in Atlanta, having just finished up at our first full day at Dragon*Con's art show.

Wow, things are going good! Much better than I anticipated. In fact I sold out of ALL my books this morning (with two and a half days left to sell, oops). People are hungry for BOOKS, lol. Same with the statues. Next time I need to bring at least 3x as many, eek.

Along a similar line, we are almost sold out of all the matted prints I brought. I thought for sure we'd have more than enough, but no, we don't have near enough. Oops.

Selling lots of canvas prints and also getting good bids on my art show entries. Somebody even bought one of the originals (Wolfish Friend) already at the Buy-It-Now price - wow!

Two days to go still, and I'm already very pleased with how much we've done. Awesome.

Have been meeting a TON of fans and collectors and online friends, which is awesome. So far I've seen three of my tattoos on customers in person too, lol.

So far I've met blonde_blythe, amanda_now, breathing_hard, sunkitty77, hippiechic567, winjimir, ellenmillion, and countless other LJ friends that I am too frazzled to look up right now, lol. A lot of people know me, which is awesome and feels really really good.

The only bad thing - I TOTALLY am not getting to see ANYTHING at Dragon*Con except for my booth. Seriously. 11 hours a day and by the time the art show closes the other main rooms/dealers/exhibitors are closed too. I haven't seen anything except my booth =/ In a way I envy the people who are just here to have fun and party, not those who are working 12 hours a day =P It is tiring, but it has been very worth my while money-wise (just kind of draining other-wise). Luckily Gus Fink ( I actually know him from eBay http://www.gusfink.com/ ) has a booth next to me (a great guy) and I got to snag some cheese pizza from him so I got some lunch, hehe.

There is a TON of great art at the Dragon*Con show, it is very impressive. Everybody there is very good.

Next year I'm thinking of actually getting a big booth as an Exhibitor in the main part of the convention (in addition to the art show). I'm hoping I can sneak out tomorrow and see what those booths look like, but I don't know if I can - it's in the hotel next door and it is hard to leave my own booth "un-manned" or with just Matt there =/

Anyway - just thought I'd post to let everybody know things are going great and we're kicking @$$ at Dragon*Con! Hope all is well in LJ-land!
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