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First off though - **PLEASE NOTE** I am getting ready to leave for DRAGON*CON. (If you are in the Atlanta area, come see me in the Art Show and my Artist Bazaar table - more info here: http://www.dragoncon.org). This means that I will be out of town and will back on September 7th. If you currently have an outstanding order with me, if you get payment to me before 6PM Eastern Time tomorrow (Monday the 28th) I can ship before I leave. If not, I will ship when I return on the 7th. Also I may not have internet access while I am gone so please expect emails to be answered when I get back home. Also because of this you may have noticed that my eBay store fixed price listings have DISAPPEARED! Don't worry, they are not really gone - just on "pause" while I am out of town. You can still place orders at www.strangeling.com in the meantime (but understand they will not ship until the 7th). My 700+ eBay store items will magically reappear upon my return as well. My new eBay auction listings will remain up and running while I'm gone though because they won't be ending until after I get back home, so feel free to bid as usual!

Enough about that! ;P

First up - the new painting auction I'm posting - it is one of my fun "Custom Fairy" auctions! These are really wonderful, I don't get a chance to list them very often so this is a real treat. Thought I'd post one now since all of my other paintings are going with me to Dragon*Con, hehe. Basically I have listed a just-barely-started 9"x12" acrylic painting on a sheet of canvas. You can see the outlines of a face in front of a starry sky, but little else. After the auction ends, whoever wins the painting gets to tell me how to "finish" it just for them! If you are the winner of the painting you will get to tell me what kind of clothes, wings (style and colour), hair (style and colour), skintone, and eyecolour to paint on the fairy (or just a girl if you don't want wings!) and you will have her as your own original custom painting! NORMALLY My commission prices start at $1200, and this custom painting will start bidding at just ONE PENNY so this could be your chance to get a great price!

Jasmine's CUSTOM PAINTING Auction!

Next up are some very special canvas prints. These are *special* because a couple of these are made from some of the mysterious paintings I'm taking to Dragon*Con, so you have never seen these before! Again the originals are going to the convention, so the next best thing is the #01 Hand Embellished Canvas print. The first one is "Abraxas" - a Persian inspired golden dragon:

NEW! "Abraxas" #01 Lt. Ed. CANVAS PRINT

NEW! "A Beautiful Rat" #01 Lt. Ed. CANVAS PRINT

You'll get to see the other paintings later =P

Then also another canvas print, this is from an older painting:

"Fairy Secrets" #01 Lt. Ed. CANVAS PRINT

And then I have a bunch of really good ACEO cards.... to see them all click below(NOTE: please scroll down past my big red vacation disclaimer to see the listings, lol!):

Jasmine's ACEO Store!

Or individually....

"Delphine and Jules" ACEO

& "Strange Little Mermaid" ACEO

& "Sleeping Beauty's Slumber" ACEO

& "Below Zero" ACEO

& "Gathering My Forces" ACEO

& "Fairy of the Magic Spring" ACEO

& "Snowspell" ACEO

& "Pink and Green Butterflies" ACEO


Now, back to getting ready for Dragon*Con..... I'll probably do at least one more post before we actually leave =) Hope everybody is enjoying their weekend!
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