Jasmine Becket-Griffith (jasminetoad) wrote,
Jasmine Becket-Griffith

Still painting...

Pretty much all I've done lately is prepare for Dragon*Con!

I'm painting a fabulous big painting right now that I'll be bringing to put in the art show there. Appropriately enough, it features a dragon.

You can watch me while I paint here on my webcam:

Click HERE to see Jasmine paint in front of her webcam!

It's pretty big so I can't show the whole thing in the picture at once, sorry. We have a great frame for it too - ought to be pretty cool. I will also periodically be hand embellishing some canvas prints too.

I have a stack of canvases and frames lined up after this one. The next 9 days will be spent painting on those canvases, hehe.

Also the past couple days have been spent just BLEEDING money out buying business-related stuff. Hangers, display panels to put behind my artist bazaar table, hangers for the art show, stretcher boards (poor Matt has almost 100 canvas prints to stretch), countertop displays for keychains & stickers, metal print rack displays, credit card reading/imprinting stuff, cash drawer, receipts, slips, sticky hangtabs, pegboard hooks, buckets of varnish, backing boards, clearbags, etc. it is such a different setup selling "in person" point-of-sale merchandise than it is selling online. A lot of this stuff though we will be able to re-use at future conventions, festivals, etc., so I guess it's money well-invested. Hmph.

All righty - back to painting!
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