Jasmine Becket-Griffith (jasminetoad) wrote,
Jasmine Becket-Griffith

New ACEO Cards & Hot Topic News

Hi everyone!

I have a bunch new ACEO Cards for you today!

I also have a new item available at Hot Topic - a really cute keychain featuring my Dark Ribbon Fairy. You can see them at your local Hot Topic or also on the Hot Topic website here:

Jasmine's Dark Ribbon Fairy Keychain

To see other items of mine at Hot Topic, just click (or copy&paste) the link below:

Click HERE to search for my stuff at Hot Topic

Now for the new art - for more info about ACEO cards, how I make them & what they are, consult the individual auction descriptions - they are each one of a kind and are awesome!

To see them all together visit the ACEO section of my store here:

Click HERE to see all of my ACEO CARDS!

and individually.....

Princess of the Red Dragons ACEO

Chocolate Fairy ACEO

Butterfly Princess ACEO

Pale Rose

Silver and Gold ACEO

Elizabeth Bathory ACEO

Itty Bitty Mermaid ACEO

Me and My Green Dragon ACEO

To see any available originals, just visit my Original Paintings section of my store here:


and SALE Prints are here:


I've been working on a lot of Dragon*Con stuff today, as well as doing a bunch of backups of high resolution files. I'm sorry the webcam was down today - I have to "cease all operations" when my computer is burning disks, so I have to shut down my broadcasting software while I do that. Hopefully I'll have all the disks made and the webcam will be back up tomorrow to show me painting as usual =)
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