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Feeling better, and I have *TWO* New Paintings!

Hi everyone!

I am feeling SO MUCH BETTER today! Thank goodness. I was getting really tired of feeling sick there for awhile....

Got a LOT of work done yesterday night and today. Catching up from being sick, and excited to paint some more since I'm feeling healthy.

I have TWO wonderful new paintings for you, and also some 1st edition Canvas Prints of some of my older paintings!

The first new painting is called "Golden Tree Fairy" and she is simply gorgeous! She is one of my special "Fairy Wood" paintings - an original acrylic painting on a slice of real wood - complete with bark! Click below to see her:


Next up is a very, very special painting. She is very special because she is already FRAMED. This one specifically is actually intended to be shown at Dragon*Con in Atlanta in September, but I thought that first I would offer her to you guys in my eBay store, just to be fair. If she is not sold in the next month, she will be taken to be sold at Dragon*Con. Click below to see her:


To see any other available originals, just visit my Original Paintings section of my store here:


Next up are the new #01 Limited Edition Hand Embellished Canvas Prints for some of my older paintings - these turned out beautifully - just click the links below:

"The Alchemist's Plague" #01 Lt. Ed. CANVAS PRINT

"The Alchemist's Revenge" #01 Lt. Ed. CANVAS PRINT

"Butterfly Princess" #01 Lt. Ed. CANVAS PRINT

And to see this week's SALE Prints just go here:


I'm getting my revised list of the artworks I'm bringing to Dragon*Con together (looong story) and will be posting new paintings in the next few weeks. Most I will be taking to Dragon*Con but I may let them rest in my eBay store first for a few days in case somebody wants to snatch them. All will be framed, stretched, or otherwise ready-to-hang, and they'll be coming along with Matt & I in our van to Dragon*Con to show off there - should be fun! We have a bunch of beautiful frames picked out, these paintings are going to be very special pieces.

Last night I watched the 1983 "Hercules" movie starring Lou Ferrigno! It was fabulous. Matt is a big Lou Ferrigno fan, and loved this movie when he was a kid, so it was a lot of fun to watch it with him. If you like 1970s/80s loooow budget fantasy movies (like all those old Sinbad movies, or other Harryhausen movies, things kind of ripping off Clash of the Titans, etc.), you might enjoy it. The special effects are pretty funny. Delphine - you'd probably like it, lol.

Okay - I'd better go work on Dragon*Con stuff now! Enjoy the new art!
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