Jasmine Becket-Griffith (jasminetoad) wrote,
Jasmine Becket-Griffith

Hey everybody =)

We went on the Disney boat down to the Caribbean this weekend again, had a nice relaxing time as always. I really needed it too, I have worked harder in the past week or two than I have ever before in my life. I really like those 3/2 day cruises - they are a perfect weekend for me, and with my Florida Resident discounts plus my Disney Annual Passholder Discount plus my Castaway Club & Disney Visa bonuses, it is so affordable!

Back to work now though of course. Pretty much all this month I will be working on stuff for Dragon*Con. I will be doing lots of paintings, mostly framed - intended to show at Dragon*Con - I'll probably stick them in my eBay store until I leave for the convention though so those of you not going to Dragon*Con will have a chance before I go =)

So - last week AOL stopped letting me use the mailing list system I've been using for years to send updates about my artwork. It is because of their new TOS rules, and I guess I can understand that. So they suggested that I use their new AOL Groups system to send it out instead. Sounded good. Took over 20 hours to set it up. But guess what? It's still in their beta testing phase, and now it won't work for over 95% of the people on my mailing list. Ugh.

So instead I forked over a bunch of cash and am setting up a real, actual, professional mailing list system with Bravenet. So ignore the AOL Groups stuff, that simply won't work. The next day or two I will be re-submitting all of my mailing list member's email addresses to my new BraveNet mailing list system. Basically this means that if you are (or have previously been) on my mailing list, you will receive an email from me (my AOL jasminetoad email address) that says "Hey, click this link to stay on the mailing list" and then you will click the link and it will all run smoothly. Hopefully. At least Mercury just went out of retrograde so maybe it will work this time =P

So - endless copying & pasting mailing list stuff will make up the bulk of my day today. Hopefully I will finish it in time to do some painting tomorrow. I have a million paintings lined up to do and am very excited about them!! I also have a lot of emails lined up too =P

Off I go.......
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