Jasmine Becket-Griffith (jasminetoad) wrote,
Jasmine Becket-Griffith

Three new paintings, mailing list stuff......

Hey everybody!

I have been so busy painting this week, and I have three amazing new original paintings to show you. One is a regular eBay listing, and the other two are something extra special....

That first painting is posted up on eBay - she is the rosy delicate piece I've been working on.....


Isn't she lovely?

Next up are TWO very special paintings. These are very special because they are already FRAMED. Yes, yes, after oh - 7 years of constant requests, I'm going to be offering the occasional framed original painting (and maybe some prints too, but I'm starting off with originals). My husband Matt, before he worked as my assistant, was once a professional framer so he does a fabulous job. These two original paintings are actually intended to be shown at Dragon*Con in Atlanta in September, but I thought that first I would offer them to you guys in my eBay store, just to be fair. If they are not sold in the next month, they will be taken to be sold at Dragon*Con. Each is an acrylic painting on a stretched oval canvas, and each has a beautiful "open wood" oval frame measuring 11"x13". I have also hand varnished the paintings to provide extra protection. These are 100% ready-to-hang - just stick them up on a nail on the wall, and you are good to go! Like I said - these are up in my eBay store for a month (so grab one if you want one, otherwise they're going to Atlanta)...click below to see them:



In other news - I'm upgrading my mailing list to a fancier, more efficient, and more appropriate system via AOL Groups. Until now, I've basically been just bulk emailing everybody and maintaining the mailing list myself. There are well over 10,000 people on my email mailing list now, and it is getting very difficult to maintain myself. Also when I do it myself it is difficult to verify the "opt-in" process and somebody keeps reporting it as spam, and I have to keep calling AOL's customer service each night, lol.

SO - what does this mean to you already on the list? Not much! Basically it just means that you will (sometime today or tomorrow) receive an email that says something like "Hey, just click this link to stay on the mailing list" or something like that. So be on the lookout for it in your email box, and for heaven's sake - please click the link! It'll be painless and easy and simple, I promise. Also it will make it easier if people want to leave the mailing list, etc. So again - when you get the AOL groups thingy, just follow the short instructions and we will be all good =)

All right then, I hope you all enjoy the paintings! It is so neat to see my artwork framed like that - this is the first time I've ever offered framed paintings. I almost want to keep them for myself....

Good night all! Off to go figure out this mailing list stuff.....
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