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An update

Morning everybody -

My grandfather died yesterday. We knew it was coming, but we didn't know when. It has been hard on my mother & her siblings. I'm so used to him being there, seeing him at family functions, etc. it is hard to believe that he is gone. My grandmother already passed away 8 years ago. He died on what would have been their 60th wedding anniversary. The funeral is Monday but it is in Kansas City and I don't think I'd be able to attend. I wish I would have known, then I could have simply extended my visit last week, but it's impossible to anticipate such things. At least we got to visit with him last time we were in town.

Not a lot exciting going on, we've been working like crazy people. Business is booming! This whole summer has been brief trips out of town (or out of the country) and then the mad catch-up work in between. When we have so much work to do, and are self employed, there is nothing to do but work. Sometimes I want to take an evening off and go do something fun, but I know that if we do then there will be twice as much work the next day - nobody will do it for us, after all.

Desperately trying to catch up with emails, wholesale orders, Dragon*Con preparations, commissions, etc. This is by far my busiest summer ever, which is a very very good thing, but it is SO much work. I miss back when I was a kid, and summer meant "three months of having fun" with no work!! We keep scheduling small getaways simply because we need to rest once in awhile. We don't take weekends or evenings off at all when we are in town.

It's weird - right after I sold the original "A Little Shy" painting off of my website, I received three different collectors wanting to purchase her. Also now that my eBay store is sold out of originals, I keep getting emails asking if I have any originals available (at a time where I just have ONE single painting in my possession, and it is up at auction). Guess I need to hurry up and paint some more! I keep getting bogged down with other aspects of my job (ie, wholesale, merchandising, paperwork, commissions, projects, conventions, emails, etc.) and I need to just get some new original paintings finished!!

Matt has been working so hard too - every morning he gets up and starts working, and keeps working (shipping, printing, emails, etc.) until after midnight every single day. I am very thankful that business is doing so good, but sometimes we never get to spend any quality time together it seems. We have so much more work than two people can sanely handle, but I'm not at a point where I could hire employees (and frankly it would drive me even crazier having somebody else in the house, lol).

I am going to be raising my commission prices again - sorry folks. I don't know what else to do. I am currently "booked up" through February of 2007 for goodness sake! I was thinking about stopping commissions all together, but I don't think I could do that. So the prices are going up today, and I will also be further limiting the number of commissioned projects I accept each month. Here are the new prices: http://www.strangeling.com/commissions.html Those of you already on the waiting list for commissions will of course not be affected by the price increase. Any further commissions after this post WILL be affected by the price increase.

Blah, sorry for the depressing post - I'm not meaning to complain, I think I'm just a little worn out and I really want to paint!!

Speaking of which, you can watch me paint:


I started a new painting - a sort of Tudor portrait but it is going to have dragons and things in it too.... it ought to be pretty cool!
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