Jasmine Becket-Griffith (jasminetoad) wrote,
Jasmine Becket-Griffith

New MINIS, tons of ACEOS & Pirate Sale!

Just a quick quick update to let you know I have lots of tiny new artworks available =)

First off are the MINIS - miniature original paintings - grab one if you can, these are at a fixed $50 each so they sell FAST - I apologize if they are gone already!

"So Very Green"

"Rusty Flowers"

& "Thoughtful Golden One"

And next up are the ACEOs - these are some FUN ones - many are older paintings of mine from several years ago, or commissioned work you may not have seen before!!! ACEO cards are tiny 2.5"x3.5" prints on canvas sheets - each one is hand-embellished by me, the artist - with hand painted details, signature, year created, and a numbering system that is "1/1" meaning that just ONE single card of that image exists in the edition. These are one of a kind! For more info about ACEO cards, read the auction details.

Leafy Sea Dragon ACEO & Leafy Sea Mermaid ACEO SET OF TWO CARDS

Peacock Queen ACEO

Pirate Fairy ACEO

Sepia Fairy ACEO

Midnight Thirst ACEO

Fairly Blue ACEO

Green Ribbon Fairy ACEO

Purple Pigtails ACEO

Three Dark Muses ACEO

Fairy of the Magic Leaves ACEO

The Fairy and the Dragon ACEO

Fairy Spirit of the Courtyard ACEO

Thoughtful Fairy #4 ACEO

Living Doll ACEO

Making a Wish ACEO

Also in honor of the pirate mania going on around here, I've listed two of my most popular pirate paintings as SALE prints this week:

"Arrival of the Damned" $10

"Pirates in Paradise" $10

Whew!!! My eyes are all squinty and my hand all crampy from painting so little - eek! I'm going to go try to get some computer work done - enjoy the new little arts!
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