Jasmine Becket-Griffith (jasminetoad) wrote,
Jasmine Becket-Griffith

I'm back! And I have new stuff!

I had a great trip up to Kansas City!

Matt & I drove Amber & Chris' car up there, and there was a moving truck delivery thing too, so all in all they got everything moved up there A-OK. We miss them a lot though now =(

We stayed with Kachina, James, little Theodore & baby Eleanor! That was a lot of fun. The kids are such cuties and I love them so much.

On Fourth of July we had a picnic with my mother's side of the family, but it rained that morning so we had it indoors, but that was still fun. We got to see all of my cousins which is always a wonderful thing. Made tentative plans to visit Annie & her Matt when they're in London next year!

Then after the "picnic" we drove up to St. Joseph, Missouri to my grandma's house, for my dad's side of the family's traditional festivities. Lots of food, fun, and blowing up insane amounts of fireworks (I love blowing up fireworks). That was a blast (no pun intended) as always.

We also got to visit with Matt's family, squeezed in a visit to my grandfather, had a joint birthday party for Amber & Chris, and I forget all what else. I can't believe we squeezed so much stuff in just a few days.

Now we are home, and busy busy busy as always, trying to play catch-up. Got a couple of big wholesale orders we need to get out. It's funny - one of them is an order of "One of Each" of ALL of my prints (about 400) - it's neat seeing ALL of my current catalogue of prints all lined up. Usually stores will order a bunch each of maybe a few dozen prints, so it's different for us to queue up a one-of-each order.

Then of course are the commissions I need to catch up on, I'm so behind. That on top of trying to get my normal original paintings done is making my head want to explode!

I did find time however to finish a NEW painting - and it's one of my "Fairy Woods" - I did several a few years back, but haven't done one for awhile. It's an original acrylic painting as usual, but it is painted on one of those oval log slices - she looks like she's peeking out of a forest window - click below to see her:


Also - the good folks at Hot Topic now have a BUNCH of new stickers of mine! They have been adding new stuff almost every day - they should be in the Hot Topic stores or you can see & buy on the website here (only $2.99!!!):

Wicked, Tricksy & False Sticker

Nepenthe Sticker

Dark Ribbon Fairy Sticker

Pink Butterfly Fairy Sticker

Cats & Bats Sticker

A Little Batty Sticker

For more of my products from Hot Topic, just click below and scroll through all the pages of their Fairies section - there is a lot of stuff there!:


Wheeee! New stuff!

I'll bet EVERYBODY is out right now though - seeing the new PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN MOVIE. Everybody but me =P I am so swamped I probably won't even get to see it until early next week, which makes me a little grumpy. I just have so much to do, emails to catch up on, and so forth. Hopefully there won't be too many spoilers floating around, and I'll be able to enjoy it just the same =P

Back to work! I've started one of my giant 30" paintings - it's going to be an elaborate royal portrait of that awful lady, Elizabeth Bathory..... Off I go!
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