Jasmine Becket-Griffith (jasminetoad) wrote,
Jasmine Becket-Griffith

Hey everybody =)

I'm back from my little trip!

Matt & I took a three-day weekend and went on a Disney Cruise!

We went on the 3-Night Caribbean cruise - this one here:


It is actually a really easy way for us to do a weekend getaway - it only takes us an hour to drive to the port, park, and hop on the boat. After that they take care of us, hehe. Got a really good deal too, which was awesome. I never mind getting the smallest stateroom with no windows at the bottom of the boat, hehe, since all I do in the room is fall asleep - it saves a ton of money.

It's the second Disney Cruise we've been on six months, lol.

Nope, no photos to show off - the minute we got on board our camera broke, sorry! Actually I am pretty sorry, now I need to get a new camera or something =(

We had a fabulous time - it was EXTRA fabulous because when we were at Castaway Cay (Disney's private island in the Caribbean) we saw the FLYING DUTCHMAN. It showed up on the horizon when we were laying in a hammock by the sea - I couldn't believe it! The Flying Dutchman is the boat in the upcoming Pirates of the Caribbean movie, of course! Even though it is a movie prop, it is an actual boat and Disney is apparently docking it at Castaway Cay now that filming is done with. It's a giant pirate ship that looks like it has been wrecked under the sea for ages but resurrected like a zombie boat or something - it's amazing.

I didn't get any photos of it myself, but here are some links to photos other people have taken of it when it was being built or something (not sure where it was in these photos):





It was so incredible to see it coming over the horizon in the actual Caribbean - magical!! I didn't know it was an actual boat, I thought it was probably just computer generated special effects, lol. Makes me extra excited to see the new movie now....

We did so much other stuff too - saw lots of wildlife, lots of beaches, lots and lots and lots of rum, lol, - fabulous time. I can't believe we squeezed so much into two and a half days. Then yesterday when we got back it was my sister Amber's birthday, so we had a fun time with her - playing games, eating cake, etc.

I'm back now and getting ready to paint - and of course catch up on emails, etc. >__<

Next week (leaving the 2nd of July) we're helping Amber & Chris move up north again - we're taking their car and transporting their Degu, and saying hi to the folks up in Kansas City for 4th of July, but will be flying back on the 6th, so we won't be gone long - shouldn't affect much as far as shipping & orders goes. It feels so crazy to be going out of town in a week already. Then a week after that I'm going to be in Iowa (or is it Illinois? I forget!) for a weekend too. What a busy month!

So for the next week I will be painting, painting & painting! I'll probably start a new piece shortly - not sure what yet - maybe pirates, maybe dragons, maybe faeries - who could know? I have a bunch of ACEO cards made too, I'll probably list them tomorrow night since today I want to PAINT!

When I do paint, you can watch me HERE on my webcam!

Off I go.....
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