Jasmine Becket-Griffith (jasminetoad) wrote,
Jasmine Becket-Griffith

Matty is a Sweetheart

Matt brought me some flowers when he came home from work tonight =)

Grandma & Aunt Pat were supposed to come down from St. Joseph this morning to hang out with us, but they had to cancel due to the snow and cold. =(

I worked a LOT on a painting commission today - I should finish it up very soon now. Since it's a huge (3 foot by 4 foot) painting I don't have room by the computer to work on it, so it's too far away to point the webcam at - sorry =(
I might post some pics of it when I'm through though!

I entered two of my paintings into the New Orleans themed EBSQ show - "New Orleans Ghosts" and "New Orleans Courtyard". "New Orleans Ghosts" was a travel magazine cover last November, lol. Click below to see the pics:
Since they've already been sold they won't be in the eBay part of the show, but they get to go on the website and are eligible for the "People's Choice" voting contest. I hope I win - the prize is $100 gift certificate at MisterArt.com (few things make me happier than free art supplies!).

Our lease came via FedEx this morning from Celebration! We signed it and mailed it back (along with $1500 in deposits - ouch!). It's official now =)
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