Jasmine Becket-Griffith (jasminetoad) wrote,
Jasmine Becket-Griffith

My day at Avalon!

Oh my goodness, I have been so busy!

On Saturday was my book/print signing "personal appearance" at Avalon in Orlando. (Yes, I have some photos - I'll try to get them posted soon). It was phenomenal! Thank you all so much for coming, I can't believe how many people came just to see me! I felt like a rock star, lol. I signed books, prints, cards, pieces of paper (lol, lots of those), etc. for four hours straight, there were people lined up the whole time - I was nearly overwhelmed. I thought I'd see maybe a few people, but it was packed. Fans from all over the country came out to see me, I couldn't believe it. So many of them have been customers of mine for years and I've seen their names on emails, talking online, etc. so it was a wonderful experience to meet them in person and have faces to match with the names =)

One really neat thing too was that they held a costume contest "Dress like a Jasmine Fairy" - it was so neat! I was the judge - I got to pick a "Best in Show", "Most Inventive", "Funniest", "Prettiest", and then the top three runner-ups. It was hard to choose. Best of Show went to a little girl who dressed up as my To Love a Frog painting - she had a big stuffed frog she held just like in the painting for the whole time, hehe - it was great. My choice for Most Inventive was neat too - that went to a lady who dressed up as my Bringer of Lightning painting - she actually carried around one of those light-up plasma balls (like this HERE ), that was great!

It was all such a wonderful experience (and the people at Avalon were fabulous hosts - they built a big "throne" for me to sit on, and gave me a beautiful bouquet of flowers - made me feel like Miss America, hehe). It really made me want to do more "public" shows in the future - I'm looking forward to Dragon*Con Atlanta in September and then next February-April I'll be at the Bay Area Renaissance Festival in Tampa. Should be lots of fun!

Let me see - what else has been going on - I've been mired in commissioned work and merchandising stuff - that has been keeping me very busy. I am booked up full through October as far as commissions go, and I'm already falling a little behind (still on the ones slotted for May, and haven't gotten to start my June people yet - eek). I'm starting to think about limiting the amount of commissions I do. I'm not complaining - keeping busy and having lots of work to do is very very good, but I still want to be able to paint my own paintings too - LOL. I wanted to try to get a "regular" painting finished and posted tonight, but instead I got side tracked and am painting MINIs instead (due to the flood of emails requesting more minis, I finally gave in, hehe). In fact you can watch me on my webcam while I paint here:


I'll have the minis listed tonight and I might go ahead and auction off a big original painting from my store/website too - I always like to have originals up for auction at any given time, and my "Peacock Queen" painting ends tonight. So we'll see - I'll find something to put up for auction =) I need to clear out some space around here anyways - I will be doing some framed originals that I'll be bringing with me to Dragon*Con, and they take up a lot more room than my usual flat paintings, hehe.

Okay - off to paint minis, and then tonight I will be listing......
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